By Patrick Yost editor

Madison authorities are investigating a possible gang connection with a shooting on Overlook Drive last week. According to Lt. Colin Campbell, Madison Police Department, the department is investigating a 9 p.m. shooting where a bullet struck a car and shattered a window of a woman’s residence.

Reports state that on Thursday, July 31 a woman on Overlook Drive called authorities after she said she and her children heard a noise “that sounded like something hitting her front door.” The woman called her uncle and he found a broken window next to the front door. A neighbor reported that someone had recently fired a weapon from a car on Overlook Drive. A second neighbor told officers that a black male and white female in a silver sedan had threatened him twice that day, including pointing a pistol at the neighbor.

The man said that while he was at a liquor store on South Main Street the black male and white woman approached him and made gunfire noises. The couple also allegedly accosted the man on Maple Street and pointed a pistol at the man.

The man said he fled home to his Overlook Drive residence and the couple followed and, reports state, the male fired two shots from the passenger side of the silver sedan, striking the man’s vehicle and the neighbor’s front door glass. Several persons in the neighborhood were able to identify both the man who allegedly fired the shots and the female driver and all speculated that the activity was somehow related to the “Gangster Disciples” gang. The vehicle was identified as a silver 2005 Lexus ES330.

The same gang was also allegedly involved in several May shootings and beatings that occurred in the Green Meadow area and Vine Street. Det. Scott Pitocchelli said the department has identified three suspects in last week’s shooting and are continuing to investigate the incident.