Ty Manning played the captain of the pirates, Braid Beard.

Ty Manning played the captain of the pirates, Braid Beard.

By Nick Nunn

Staff Writer

Last Saturday, the members of the Madison Community Theater (MCT) put on a production of “How I Became a Pirate,” starring Ty Manning as “Braid Beard.” The MCT performed the play twice Saturday, at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., with two different casts for the performances.

In the play, Jeremy Jacob, a young boy, encounters a troupe of pirates, led by Braid Beard, while at the beach with his family. After meeting the pirates, Jeremy Jacob boards the pirates’ ship, learning how to talk like a pirate and the pirates became pirates themselves. Jeremy Jacob also learned the rules of being a pirate, and that some pirates aren’t as gruff as they may first seem.

After a storm, Jacob and the pirates end up at a beach where they plan to bury a treasure. Jacob offers the pirates a map to show them where to bury their booty, and it ends up being in Jacob’s backyard. As the show ends, the pirates explain to Jacob that there are pirates everywhere in his everyday life and that, if he ever needs them, he can reach them at their website: “Pirate Dot ARGGH.”

Kathleen Bryant, the director of the Madison Community Theater, said that she decided to chose “How I Became a Pirate” for the MCT when she first encountered it.

“A colleague suggested I look at the show,” began Bryant. “I was hooked on the first read-through. It is one of the best pieces of writing I have seen in a long time. It is a very fresh work with lots of comic opportunities foe the student actors.”

Bryant estimates that there were approximately 200 audience members for each show on Saturday.

For the MCT’s next show, Bryant suggested that they might be putting on “Noble Gnarble,” a musical for young audiences, in the fall.

For photos of the play, click here.