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Diamond Dogs take season opener 10-6 over Clarke Central

By Nick Nunn, Reporter  

MCHS soccer teams compete in second round of the Trojan Cup tourney

By Leila Dycus intern By Saturday the snow on the ground had melted enough to allow the MCHS Varsity soccer teams to travel south to continue competing in the second round of the Trojan Cup in Lamar County. The tournament began earlier in the week but, on

We’re Still Here: The Morgan County NAACP celebrates Black History Month at Union Springs

By Nick Nunn Union Springs Baptist Church Pastor Robert Terrell and his wife Toni Terrell welcomed the visitors to the service, on behalf of the church, and Kendrick Simmons, third vice president of the Morgan County NAACP, greeted the congregation on behalf of the NAACP. Indian Creek

Black History Month Profile: J.P. And MaryEllen Adams

The Morgan County NAACP celebrates Black History Month at Union Springs By Tia Lynn Lecorchick STAFF WRITER Madison Mayor Fred Perriman, president and co-founder of the Morgan County African American Museum, came to this newspaper with the idea of choosing four married couples in the community to

Centennial News: Joy Over Worry

Dr. Michael Stovall, Columnist People are being crucified between two thieves, the regret of the past and the worry about the future. Worrying about something is to be harassed, disturbed or afflicted. None of these sound like anything with which I want to be involved. I mean,

What a mess all those diverted tractor-trailor trucks made

By Rachel Harper, Columnist What a difference a week makes!  This morning the sun is shining and we have a promise of a beautiful week!  The daffodils are beginning to bloom and in walking around the yard yesterday afternoon, the golden-belles and the bridal spirea are beginning

Your fruit should remain

T. Adrienne Terrell, Columnist Greetings from The Springs!  I know that most of you know that I am a Bible Study nerd.  Yes, it’s true.  Needless to say,it was too icy on the roads last Wednesday to go.  I wanted to cry. I had everything all planned

The “White Stuff” didn’t interfere with Valentine’s fun!

Senior Moments Our Family Ties group of about 30 enjoyed a wonderful Valentine’s Day meal and program prepared by the Apalachee Baptist Church on Monday, February 10.  After a delicious home-cooked meal of chicken, (real) creamed potatoes, baked beans, slaw, and a smorgasbord of desserts the crowd

Snow memories with me and my two brothers at Christmas

  Betty Moore, Columnist We send our sympathy to the family of Richard Turner who passed away from leukemia. He lived at White Plains but Edna Smith from Swords was his aunt. He had cousins and uncles here. The funeral was at Mt. Stephens Baptist Church at

God can and will turn any situation around

By Margie Ward, Columnist One thing we can say last week was a beautiful week even though we had good days with clouds and snow beginning to fall along with sleet on Tuesday afternoon. Everyone packed the grocery stores stocking up on those much needed supplies that