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Stick with what you know

To the Editor: The title of the article “Toothless Canadians” jumped off the page when I glanced at the Sport’s section of the April 3rd paper. Not only did I view it as a derogatory statement but also it can be viewed as stereotyping our good neighbors

Let her build the building

To the Editor: On behalf of the historical building that Kathi Russell purchased at 200 West Washington: The building was deconstructed in 2013. Plans are to reconstruct this building and I believe that it is a wonderful idea for our community. 200 West Washington Street was the

No time to play race card

To the Editor: In the recent controversy surrounding the Mapp-Gilmore building is was quite astonishing to hear Ms. Kathie Russell play the race card. It was less surprising to hear that some local black community leaders are supporting her. The Historical Preservation Commission is not trying to

Of relationships and fishing…

Alvin Richardson, columnist There is no doubt that I am the Dr. Phil of relationships that have at least one fisherman in the family therefore I have decided to bless you with a two for one special today. I’m not sure if it’s a bargain but I

Love plane express…

Nick Nunn, columnist All right children, avert your eyes this week. We’re going to be taking about a serious, adult matter this week: gaining entry into the mile high-club. Don’t know what that is? Good. You can keep reading, then. First of all, let’s talk – in

Koch brothers outspent 40 to 1 by George Soros

We seem to be hearing a lot about the Koch brothers lately. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid calls them un-American. A local columnist quotes a filmmaker who describes the Koch brothers as “bankrolling a vast network of organizations that work to undermine the interests of the 99

Sheldon’s Primary

Celia Murray, columnist Several possible Republican presidential candidates traveled recently to Las Vegas for private meetings with billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson. Ostensibly, each was attending the Republican Jewish Coalition annual meeting, but the Washington Post and Time magazine reported that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former

Ryan’s budget for the poor

To the Editor: Republican voters are decent warmhearted Americans. Why does Paul Ryan propose a GOP budget that is utterly mean spirited and damaging to our economy? He will increase defense spending by $493 billion while Obama will retain spending levels at more than the next 10

Mary Frances Yates Green

Mary Frances Yates Green, a resident of St. Simons Island, died on Thursday, April 3 after a long and happy life. In the years before she died she wrote her autobiography to share with family and friends entitled “My Happy Life” in which she reflected on her

Larry Worth Ward

Larry Worth Ward, 66, of Conyers passed away on March 28, 2014.   He was born in Madison on September 9, 1947 to Ernest and Hassieleen (Hendrix) Ward.  He was married to the former Gail Hanes for 48 years.  Mr. Ward worked at Georgia Power for 30 years