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Keck wins Offensive Player of the Year at Brewton-Parker

By Leila Dycus staff writer From high school volleyball player to receiving one of the her college team’s highest honors Rosalie Keck is taking her sport to new levels. “Well it’s kind of surprising, I didn’t think that I as a freshman would be receiving this award,”

Cisson announces coaching changes for cross country, volleyball

By Nick Nunn staff writer Last week, Morgan County High School (MCHS) Athletic Director Steve Cisson announced that Greg Thompson, current MCHS Tennis Coach, will be replacing Pam Hooten as the volleyball coach for Morgan County during the 2014-2015 school year. Additionally, Cisson announced that Morgan County

2014 Relay for Life raises over $34,000

By Nick Nunn staff writer “We are fighting back!” said Beth Bradley, chair for the 2014 Morgan County Relay for Life during the opening ceremony last Friday, May 9, at the DuPree Track and Field. Thanks to Morgan County’s 2014 Relay for Life, themed “Life is Sweeter


May 14 Through August 7 • Boating Safety Classes schedule for Lake Oconee are as follows: Crowe Marine, May 14 – 15 from 6 to 10 p.m.; Singleton Marine, June 11 – 12, from 6 to 10 p.m.; Crowe Marine, July 16 – 17, from 6 to 10

Local Men RISE up at MCPS

By Nick Nunn staff writer Each Friday at the Morgan County Primary School (MCPS), a dedicated group of local men take a few hours out of their mornings to read to students from kindergarten to second grade as part of a program hosted by the Boys &

Buckhead Baptist Church dedicated 12 babies and children to the Lord

Greetings from The Springs! The end of the school year is here and that could mean only one spectacular event is on the way. Youth Week! It’s almost here. I still like to call it Vacation Bible School, but that’s just me. Sunday, June 1 marks the

Always remember to pray

To all you mother’s that read my column, I pray each of you had a most glorious day that’s dedicated only to mama. The weather was beautiful. I do believe that we are on our way to warm if not hot, days ahead. My day was good

My Own Worst Enemy…

Forgiveness is the promise never to bring up again the hurt caused us by another person … not to them, not to God, not to ourselves and not to anyone else. Forgiveness is a choice that we must make. We are only responsible for ourselves, so we

Congratulations to all college graduates!

In her arms or in her heart, a mother carries her children with her always. I hope all of you Mothers had a very special and nice Mother’s Day on Sunday!  It was a beautiful day, made even the more so with family get-togethers or just relaxing and

When was the last time you called upon Him?

On Mother’s Day our attendance was good with visitors present. It was real good to see some of our members back with us and missed all that couldn’t be with us because of jobs, death in family and or sickness. Our prayers are with all of them.