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Two suspected meth suppliers arrested by cops

By Patrick Yost editor Months of surveillance and investigation by both the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and Madison Police Department ended in methamphetamine arrests last week. On Friday, May 23, Sgt. Chad Lanier, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Division and Morgan County Deputy Joseph Pritchett attempted to

County tax rate to stay the same

By Nick Nunn staff writer Morgan County Finance Director Lori Sayer stated during the May 27 Board of Commissioner budget hearing that the county plans on maintaining the current millage of 9.49, which is approximately .9 mils more than the rollback rate, which would be 8.578. County

Morgan County Board of Commissioners

By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer The Morgan County Board of Commissioners (BOC) recognized several community leaders and 4-H students who have recently won awards and competitions on May 20. Michael Lamar, the county manager for Morgan County, was recognized for being named County Manager of the

‘No discrepancies’ in city’s 2013 financial audit

By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer The Madison City Council accepted the Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 audit on May 23 at a specially called meeting. The audit was prepared by Treadwell, Tamplin & Co. LLP and covered the time period between July 1, 2012 and June 30,

Planning Commission approves Farmer’s Market request

By Nick Nunn staff writer The Morgan County Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of a request to rezone 47.56 acres at 2620 Eatonton Highway, Madison, from Agricultural (AG) to General Commercial (C2), with the condition that, should the development fail, it will revert to AG within

Northeast Ga. unemployment rate drops

Special to the Citizen The Georgia Department of Labor announced today that the unemployment rate in the Northeast Georgia region decreased to 5.9 percent in April, down three-tenths of a percentage point from 6.2 percent in March. The rate was 7.0 percent in April a year ago.

Voice of God

There is a pressing matter at hand this week in Nunnsense news: how you deal with someone who has been hearing the voice of God. Well, I wasn’t the one hearing the voice of God. This is a secondhand message that I’m relaying from the original human

Brunswick Stew Recipe Goes Viral

Alvin Richardson, columnist   I’m pretty sure that many of you think most of the stories in this space are, for lack of a better phrase, plain old whoppers, but I swear to you that today’s saga is one that is completely, utterly, and mostly true. I

The Debt of Memorial Day

Greg Morin, columnist   War is ugly. War is dirty. War is perhaps the single most horrifying event one could participate in. And yet despite all of that, there are those who have been compelled, for a variety of reasons (duty, honor, peer pressure, guilt, pragmatism, or

Disservice done to firefighter in newspaper article

To the Editor: Those of us with the Morgan County Fire Rescue would like to formally rectify some false statements made when there was a front page article and report published on an accident that resulted in the death of one and critical injuries of another of