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An uninvited guest with a lot of love

T. Adrienne Terrell columnist Greetings from The Springs! USBC has an exciting program set for Sunday, October 26 as we celebrate Pastor’s Appreciation Day. And of course, bring the children because immediately following the morning worship service we will host the annual Hallelujah Fest. Nursing Home Ministry:

Fall Festival this Saturday at 5 p.m.

Mae Buice columnist Hey! What’s going on here? Whoa! I’m sure that’s what was in our Pastor’s mind when he was “hustled” away from the pulpit on Sunday morning. We had an opening song, he was ready to make announcements and take prayer requests…..but what? Those deacons just

Godfrey barbecue set for November 8

Rachel Harper, columnist Thank you to everyone who told me you missed the column last week.  I come down with vertigo from time to time and last weekend, it reared its ugly head and put me out of commission for a while.  It ranks up there with

Best of the Best: The road to Americus

Cathy Best columnist Best of the Best: The road to Americus Although there are several straight shots from Madison to Americus, Georgia, we didn’t take them. Our path resembled that of a broken winged crow. I was not in the driver’s seat when my traveling companion veered

Georgia Mountain Fair and fresh vegetables

We were skeptical of last Tuesday’s weather, and rescheduled our mountain trip for Wednesday.  Almost everyone that had planned to go Tuesday went Wednesday, and were not drenched by downpours.  We saw Ronnie McDowell instead of John Conlee, but Ronnie put on a good show, and we

Trick or Trot and Spooky Fall Fest October 25th

Tim Ferguson columnist Autumn, the season that comes between summer and winter, also known as fall in the astronomical year, that period between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice, began September 23. Fall is the season in the Northern Temperate Zone in which many trees lose

Be the change you want to see in people

Margie Ward columnist Attendance was very good for worship service, we welcome all visitors that were present inviting all of them to come be with us again as God leads. All visitors are always a Blessing to us. Our service was opened with prayer by Anthony Cottrell,

Right side of history…

Dr. Michael Stovall, Columnist P14:26 teaches, “In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence, and his children will have refuge.” When Solomon writes of “fear of the Lord” he means an awe andrespect for God. We find ourselves in many circumstances of life asking, “What am I supposed to do? How am

I thank God for His gift of friendship

Betty Moore, Columnist Everybody that knew Michael Walters was so shocked when they learned of his sudden death. I did not personally know him, but knew his twin brother. His brother Mark, was married to the daughter of the daughter of the late Beverly Sigman, who was

Ramble On

By Tia Lynn Lecorchick and Jamison Hooks Last weekend’s Greenprint Ramble, a tour that featured about 60 spots of historical significance or local interest throughout the county, yielded a huge turnout that culminated with a supper comprised of locally-grown food at the Ainslie Ardenlea Farm in Madison.