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Looking through the eyes of God

Union Springs News By T. Adrienne Terrell Greetings from The Springs! There is truly more excitement in the air now that revival 2013 is here! There’s still time for you to join us this week. We will meet nightly at 7:30. If by chance you miss Revival

School to start once again; pray for a safe year

Brownwood News By Margie Ward The church was almost full Sunday for Homecoming of 153 years. Many visitors were present including Rev. and Mrs. James Ashe who was pastor of Brownwood from 1960 – 1970 and Rev. and Mrs. Hoyt Johnson who was Interim Pastor before Bro.

Rutledge: It’s like taking a step back in time

Rutledge News By Donna Myers Taking my pen in hand is the direct result of a request from Joellen Artz to write a few words about what it’s like to be a transplant to the state of Georgia. My name is Donna Myers and my husband Dennis

Summer comes to an end for schoolchildren

Buckhead News By Betty Moore Well it certainly doesn’t seem like it, but summer for the school children is all but over. I hope that it will be a good year for not only the children but for the school teachers and all of those in charge.

Heavy fog in August foretells winter’s first frost in October

TriBee News By Rachel Harper I have been told that on this past Saturday, August 3, there was a heavy fog here on Baldwin Dairy Road.  It was gone by the time I got up, so it must have burned off fairly quick.  But that means that

Wonderful revival week, great singing, preaching, friends; who could ask for more?

Sugar Creek News By Mae Buice Big news flash! I got my boot off today  (Monday) and it feels wonderful.  Doctor said it has healed and I will not have to have surgery. Ain’t God Good! Yea, it’s good news for me and yet I think that I am so

Best of the Best: A-maize-ing corn

By Cathy Best According to the USDA’s 2013 report, issued in late June, it’s estimated U.S. farmers planted a record 97.4 million acres of corn this year; a record held since 1936. Corn stands firmly in the number one spot, out of all row crops, for most

Back to School Rally & Community Health Fair

  Photos by Jesse Walker Held Saturday, August 3, 2013 on the lawn of Morgan Memorial Hospital, the Community Health Fair and Back to School Rally offered an assortment of free health screenings and tests as well as provided school supplies to the kids of Morgan County.

Precinct reduction a divisive issue

By Patrick Yost Editor A proposal by the Morgan County Board of Elections to consolidate voting precincts from 11 locations to five was met with both derision and affirmation at a public hearing on the plan last Thursday. More than 50 people attended the hearing at the

Hodges announces candidacy for council seat

By Nick Nunn Staff Writer Chris Hodges announced her candidacy in the Madison City Council District 5 race on Monday, July 29. Hodges, the daughter of City of Madison Mayor Bruce Gilbert and Judy Gilbert, was “born and raised” in Madison and has been an agent for