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Local Boys & Girls Club gets new director

By Leila Dycus, Intern The Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club has hired a new director, Gari Santis, who started in his position at the club Monday. “I’m still a young guy, and I don’t act my age when dealing with students, I understand them, I think.

Open Door Policy: MCHS debuts new classroom building

Photos by Jesse Walker Morgan County High School teachers and administrators debuted the school’s new classroom building to the public with an open house Aug. 13, 2013. For more photos on the event, click here.

Council addresses potentially spending $15,000 for playground safety materials

By Leila Dycus, Intern The Buckhead City Council met Monday to discuss old and new business affecting their community. “We got some information on what the state requires for playground safety zones,” said Mayor Ricky Walker. The major aspect of the playground that the council focused on

Rutledge considers amending ordinances

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer During the August meeting of the Rutledge City Council, Chuck Jarrell and Tara Cooner from the Morgan County Planning Department spoke to the council about considering plans to amend Rutledge zoning ordinances to reflect changes in state and county ordinances. Rutledge’s current

Jody Hice running for U.S. Congress in Ga.’s 10th District

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer Dr. Jody Hice is running as a republican candidate for the United States Congress in Georgia’s Tenth District. Hice describes himself as a republican, constitutionalist, and Christian, and has been a minister for the past 30 years. He also hosts the syndicated

Nunnsense: Rubberhead

By Nick Nunn Surely, it could be considered the civic responsibility of any person to report being witness to a crime – consider the last episode of Seinfeld, where the main characters were arrested for being “guilty bystanders” by watching a crime take place and doing nothing

Human nature is on newspapers’ side

  By Leonard Woolsey Funny thing happened the other day to our local newspaper on the way to obscurity – my teenage daughter asked for a printed copy. While the world media might be quick to put a fork in the printed media and declare them done,

Morin: Changing the rules of the game

By Greg Morin September 1 will mark the end of an era, at least in Georgia anyway. This is the date that must begin collecting sales tax in Georgia ( Some day you will wax nostalgic and regale your grandchildren with stories of how there was

Museum says thanks for help

To the Editor: The Steffen Thomas Museum of Art and the Madison Artists Guild would like to thank everyone involved with the Oscillations exhibition which opened to wonderful reviews Friday, Aug. 16th.  Oscillations artists Liselott Johnsson, Erin McIntosh, and Diane Wiencke co-curated an exhibition of their abstract

Hey comrade, can I hitch a ride to the space station?

By Fred Johnson Two Russians recently spent over seven hours in a spacewalk to rig power and Ethernet cables outside the Mir space station in preparation for a new lab that’s due to arrive in a few months. The astronauts wore Russian-made spacesuits. The U.S. spacesuits are