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BOC adopts millage rate increase

By Nick Nunn Staff Writer Last week, the Morgan County Board of Commissioners (BOC) held two public meetings on a proposed 2013 millage rate increase. At a special called meeting on July 23, the BOC adopted the tax increase, which raised the millage rate by an additional

Council sets city, downtown district, corridor millage rates: Madison City Council votes to set millage rate for city at 6.565; downtown district, 1.464; and corridor, 1.432

By Nick Nunn Staff Writer Last Thursday, during a called meeting by the City of Madison Mayor and Council, the council members voted to adopt millage rates for the City of Madison and special taxes for the downtown and corridor districts. The council unanimously voted to approve

Planning Commission revisits tennis court lighting during work session: Board expected to vote on matters Thursday

By Nick Nunn Staff Writer The Morgan County Planning Commission held a work session last Friday, July 19 to discuss several issues, including a petition for a text amendment of a City of Madison zoning ordinance, which would allow tennis court illumination on residential properties or 2.5

Green card issues force Madison resident Lauren Bell back to the UK

By Nick Nunn Staff Writer Last September, the Morgan County Citizen published a report about Lauren Bell, a young woman who was facing deportation on her birthday at the end of January 2013. Lauren Bell, moved to the United States with her parents and younger sister from

Local man drowns while canoeing the Chattooga River

By Patrick Yost Editor A 64-year-old Madison man drowned while canoeing on the Chattooga River in South Carolina on Monday, July 15. Ralph Neal Head was pronounced dead at the scene by Oconee County, S.C. Coroner Karl Addis after the 5:40 p.m. accident. According to Addis, Head

Nunnsense: (Brick) House, M.D.

By Nick Nunn Scene: a woman sits alone in an examination room. The door opens, and a doctor walks in holding a chart. The doctor has a very serious look on her face. “What is it, doctor?” asks the woman. “Is it serious?” The doctor is slow

Writer believes columnist betrays political values with Trayvon Martin commentary

To the Editor: A libertarian is a person who espouses freedom especially when it concerns one’s thoughts or deeds. Free will is the essence of a libertarian. In the July 18 edition of the Citizen, self-proclaimed libertarian, Greg Morin, criticized the leaders of the black community. He

Family of artist Jackson Bailey cites inaccuracies in June 27 Rutledge column, “Jackson Bailey: Simple man with a big vision”

To the Editor: The family of Jackson Bailey requests the following corrections to your article of June 27, 2013. Jackson Bailey did not meet his future wife, Beverly, in 1968. She was contracted to work for him in 1969. Her name was Beverly Williams and at the

Columnist: “Think different, think free”

By Greg Morin It is a peculiar characteristic of U.S. anti-trust law (Sherman Anti-Trust Act) that competition itself can be characterized as “anti-competitive.” The recent e-book price-fixing case against Apple (in which Apple was ruled against on July 10) is a prime example. The case is rather

Congress: The country’s economic obstacle

By Celia Murray Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke expects the American economy would gain strength in the coming months IF Congress doesn’t throw up too many roadblocks. As Roll Call reported on his comments, “Congress is the main impediment to a more robust economy.” Bernanke and others