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Woman arrested after alleged attempt to get contraband to inmate

By Patrick Yost Editor A woman has been arrested and a jail supervisor has resigned over an alleged attempt to get drugs and tobacco to a prisoner at the Morgan County Detention Center. According to Capt. Chris Bish, Criminal Investigations Division, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Shunise Frenchette

Zoo will boost economy, educate region about conservation

To the Editor: The passing of the text amendment by the BOC allows zoos in Morgan County. This will add an important component of agritourism to help our local economy. This project however is more than just a boost to the economy of the region. It represents

Man stabbed 10 times during argument, survives

By Patrick Yost Editor A 54-year-old man survived being stabbed 10 times during an argument outside a Budget Inn Motel room. Robert James Higgins, Madison, suffered stab wounds to the chest, left arm, left side and back area after he allegedly engaged in a fight with Butler

City Manager addresses last week’s letter

To the Editor: As a local government official I resist responding to letters published in our local newspapers. Ms. Manning’s letter in last week’s edition of The Morgan County Citizen regarding the City of Madison utility bad debt write-offs begs to be an exception. Allowing Ms. Manning’s

Nunnsense: Gut bomb!

By Nick Nunn A stereotype about British cooking spreads the belief that their food is often boiled, bland, or otherwise unappetizing, but rarely does one hear that it can also be deadly. Even explosive. But Margaret Goodwin, 66, of Henley-on-Thames, UK, recently had an experience to support

Commission looks at Ga. Trust’s Fall Ramble, “Madison Unseen”

By Nick Nunn Staff Writer On Wednesday, July 10, the Morgan County Resource Preservation Advisory Board (RPAB) met to discuss The Georgia Trust 2013 Fall Ramble: Madison Unseen!, which will be held in Madison on Oct. 4-6. After approving the minutes, the members of the RPAB perused

Dairy Queen coming back to Madison

By Stephanie Johns Staff Writer Dairy Queen (DQ) has plans to come to Madison, according to City Planning Director Monica Callahan. Callahan shared this information during the July 8 meeting of the Madison City Council. She said DQ will go in between Zaxby’s and the old car

Columnist on outcome of trial of George Zimmerman: “Crying wolf”

By Greg Morin The acquittal this week of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin has been divisive to say the least. It has re-opened old wounds with respect to race and justice in this country. Although these wounds had long since scared over, the self-flagellation

Commission strives for consistency

By Stephanie Johns Staff Writer Members of the Madison Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) approved a change in roofing material, tabled the replacement of windows, and denied replacement of the front door of the house located at 1091 Eatonton Road. Applicant Kaleb Smith said the windows there now

Government fails citizens once again

By Fred Johnson As we know, the last two attempts by terrorists to bomb an airliner were stopped by passengers who tackled the “shoe Bomber” and the “Underwear Bomber” as they attempted to setoff their devices. Investigation showed that the terrorists should never have been allowed on