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Elderly Bostwick man beaten and left: 70-year-old victim recovering in Athens hospital

By Patrick Yost Editor Morgan County Sheriff’s Office investigators have identified suspects in a brutal attack that left a 70-year-old Bostwick man lying in a pool of blood. Thomas Gary Etris was found by a business partner on the floor of the carport at his Bostwick Highway

1943 class celebrates 70th reunion

By Stephanie Johns Staff Writer Nine graduates of Madison High School will get together in July to celebrate their 70th reunion. Eunice Stewart Smith of Albany said they graduated during the war. “Our big class trip was to Rock Eagle,” she said. Louise Morris Washburn of Hendersonville,

City mixed-residential development to be vetted by Planning Commission

By Kathryn Schiliro Managing Editor To receive the go-ahead for a new development, made of mixed residential units, in the Madison area known as Town Walk Circle and in the city’s West Washington Street Gateway, a change to the Planned Residential District (PRD) must be vetted by

Woman not driving in crash that killed her baby, boyfriend

By Patrick Yost Editor A Morgan County woman whose 19-year-old boyfriend and 6-month-old son were killed in a May 10 I-20 crash was not driving the 1994 Honda at the time of the incident, Georgia State Patrol reports state. According to the results of a Specialized Collision

Nunnsense: Need some bones?

By Nick Nunn Columnist Hard times have befallen the Council Bluffs, Iowa chapter of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF). Apparently, IOOF – pronounced “ih-OOF” – decided that Council Bluffs isn’t odd enough to keep their chapter open any longer and revoked the branch’s charter. In

Ideas are not property

By Greg Morin Columnist The US Supreme Court ruled unanimously this past week that human genes may not be patented. That was a good decision. However those in support of this ruling are by and large hypocrites. They vociferously decried the negative consequences of upholding such patents

Zoo in Morgan County?

By Kathryn Schiliro Managing Editor You heard right: a zoo is being proposed for Morgan County. The county Planning Commission, this Thursday, will hear a proposal for both a text amendment allowing zoo facilities in the county as well as a proposal, submitted by Michael Vaden, 1021

Insider Threat Program hearkens to ‘1984’

By Fred Johnson Columnist When I was in high school, we studied Halley’s Comet which passes near earth every 75 years. In 1910 the view was spectacular because the comet came so close, the earth passed through its tail. Our teacher told us, “You students will see

Body hears proposal to move College St. house to Pearl St.

By Kathryn Schiliro Managing Editor Madison’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has been approached by IV Henry and Leon Peters about repurposing the house at 787 College Street, Madison, near the water tower, City Planning Director Monica Callahan told the body at their meeting last Thursday, June 20.

Depot relocation depends on power easements, zoning change

By Kathryn Schiliro Managing Editor Progress on moving the Central of Georgia Railroad depot continues as Madison’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) voted to endorse a $67,000 contract with Curtis Whitsel, contractor, to move the depot across the railroad tracks. The contract includes relocation of the depot onto