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Writer suggests words used may be misleading

To the Editor: In David Nunn’s puzzling response to my letter, he wishes that I had “checked the facts” of the City Council’s vote regarding its outstanding utilities debt, yet he ignores what Stephanie Johns wrote in her July 3 article. Mr. Nunn states that “writing off

“Racism and problems in the black community are not the same thing”

To the Editor: Racists and people with racist attitudes should never include themselves in any discussion on race. Mr. Morin’s article on the 18th of July absolutely proves why. Here’s a man who has done nothing but trash our black president the last five years. He constantly

Questions about business Deal-ings

To the Editor: In 2010 Gov. Nathan Deal, then a congressman, resigned from the U.S. House under an alleged ethics violation. Deal was allegedly using his “influence” with Georgia state officials to secure exclusively the state’s salvage vehicles for his salvage business. This questionable practice and Deal’s

“Time to raise the hood” in government, columnist says

By Greg Morin A common business practice is to require that all employees take some vacation time each year. It not only improves morale but also ensures that potential problems attributable to that employee will be brought to light in their absence (as co-workers unwittingly uncover latent

“Do we have phony scandals or do we have a phony recovery?”

By Fred Johnson President Obama recently asked that we ignore the “phony” scandals. Let’s see, what would those phony scandals be? We could start with “Fast and Furious,” where federal agents allowed the sale of a few thousand guns to suspected thugs tied to Mexican drug gangs.

Writer speaks about “Government tax increases”

To the Editor: I went to my boss last week and told him I had to have more money. I have analyzed my budget and just can’t make any cuts. My boss told me he was having a hard time making ends meet and had made cuts

Writer appreciates column about Lois Harper

To the Editor: Thank you for publishing the article by Mrs. Betty Edwards about her mom, Mrs. Lois Harper. It was bittersweet to see the photo of Mrs. Harper and remember all the wonderful columns she wrote. I enjoyed taking the walk with Betty around Rutledge. We

Festival makes for a “magical night in Madison”

To the Editor: Saturday night was a magical night in Madison! Thanks to Main Street Madison, Presenting Sponsor Main Street Vet and Supporting Sponsors Paschal Orthodontics and Children Ferst Foundation of Morgan County for bringing the Sounds of Motown to our town as part of the Firefly

Madison launches crosswalk campaign

By Dianne Lively Yost Staff Writer The City of Madison Advisory Board is launching a Crosswalk Awareness Campaign designed to encourage pedestrians to use the City of Madison’s downtown crosswalks and to urge drivers to stop at crosswalks for adults and children. “Our crosswalks are here for

Authority votes to approve $5.9 million loan

By Nick Nunn Staff Writer During the July meeting of the Joint Development Authority (JDA), the JDA accepted a resolution to approve a $5.9 million Georgia Environmental Facilities Administration (GEFA) loan for the construction of an onsite wastewater treatment facility. The GEFA loan will have an interest