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Sermon: “Father knows Best”

By Willie Ann Johnson The weather is nice but hot. We are ending summer and approaching fall. We’ll still have some hot days and cool nights. Praise God. Sis. A. we all missed you on Sunday. Sunday our Sunday school lesson was very interesting, “God’s image, male

Newly planted crop doesn’t need rain, only sunshine!

By Nancy Darby If you take a drive down Hawkins Academy Road, a couple of miles outside of Rutledge, you will find a large field with a brand new crop. A crop never before seen in Georgia. A crop that will continue to produce year after year,

“Nip” in the air? Maybe we’ll get an early fall

By Mae Buice Is it possible there’s just a little “nip” in the air, especially at night? Do you think we might have an early fall? Seems the last few years we’ve had nice weather on through October. Sunday was nice and pleasant, and a great day

Columnist: “Great is Thy Faithfulness!”

By Julie Phillips Fall is in the air and I love everything about it. It seems like such a special time, with God’s mighty hand on everything! With the cooler weather, juicy fresh apples, leaves turning beautiful colors of red, green, orange and brown, creating a carpet

Sunday services: “The Natural Carnal and Spiritual Man” and “Love is a Noun”

By Margie Ward A good attendance was present for the morning worship service. It was so good to see some of our members back after being out due to sickness. We pray they will continue to do well and will be back in church each week. We

Remembering Billy Graham Crusade singer George Beverly Shea

By Betty Moore Congratulations to Sue Doorenbos in receiving her associate degree in Business Administration from Georgia Military College. I’m proud of you Sue! Christie and Frieda White went to the Parsons’ reunion at Watkinsville Sunday. Scott, Jennifer and Sara Doran went to Callaway Gardens to see

On $3M dairy study: “We could tell them what’s wrong with a five-minute phone conversation that wouldn’t cost them a dime”

By Rachel Harper I can’t believe I am saying this, but wouldn’t a nice shower of rain be nice?!   It waited until the end of summer, but it is definitely hot and dry; but at least the farmers are able to get up their hay, which is

Gardening, city containers and the thugs that live there

By Stephanie Hudak Well, did that get your attention? What I really meant was that some of the plants that I put in the containers I “thought” were the good guys have become “thugs.” Last week, Jack Meyer and I were grooming the containers – by the

Best of the Best: Oh, what fun it is to hide

By Cathy Best Clandestine culinary societies are tucked in to home kitchens across the globe. These alternative dining spots, known as underground, or secret, restaurants have evolved, from conventional supper clubs with friends, to elevated supper clubs with paying customers. Home-cooks, and chefs alike, host these intimate

Pedestrian hit by car in crosswalk

By Patrick Yost, Editor A Thomasville woman was struck by a late model BMW Sunday while attempting to negotiate a crosswalk at the intersection of Main and West Washington streets in Madison last Sunday. According to Sgt. Marc Meeler, Georgia State Patrol, Jennifer Dewell, 52, was struck