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DDA moves forward with plans for 787 College Drive despite HPC comments

By Nick Nunn Staff Writer During the meeting of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) on July 25, the DDA showed its intention to continue with the collaboration with I.V. Henry and Leon Peters to move the building at 787 College Drive to the Canaan area of Madison.

Nunnsense: Animals where animals shouldn’t be

By Nick Nunn When I was in Germany last year, I was frequently surprised when people would bring their dogs into restaurants or department stores, even though that practice is perfectly acceptable in that culture. I simply was not used to seeing them there and had to

Weighing in on potential precinct reductions, Ollie Rivers

To the Editor: At the Election Board meeting last Thursday, the election supervisor talked about wanting to take away six of our voting places. That would leave only five in the whole county. I want our Elections office to look for ways to make it easier for

Weighing in on potential precinct reductions, Jeanne Dufort

To the Editor: To my fellow Morgan County citizens, The Board of Elections is considering reducing the number of polling places in our county from 11 to five. They estimate potential cost savings at $19,000 to $35,000 annually in years with general elections. Early voting options have

Weighing in on potential precinct reductions, Patsy Harris

To the Editor: Some members of the Morgan County Board of Elections propose to cut the number of polling places from 11 to five. At least one of them would like for there to be only one place for voting in the entire county. This might go

Writer suggests words used may be misleading

To the Editor: In David Nunn’s puzzling response to my letter, he wishes that I had “checked the facts” of the City Council’s vote regarding its outstanding utilities debt, yet he ignores what Stephanie Johns wrote in her July 3 article. Mr. Nunn states that “writing off

“Racism and problems in the black community are not the same thing”

To the Editor: Racists and people with racist attitudes should never include themselves in any discussion on race. Mr. Morin’s article on the 18th of July absolutely proves why. Here’s a man who has done nothing but trash our black president the last five years. He constantly

Questions about business Deal-ings

To the Editor: In 2010 Gov. Nathan Deal, then a congressman, resigned from the U.S. House under an alleged ethics violation. Deal was allegedly using his “influence” with Georgia state officials to secure exclusively the state’s salvage vehicles for his salvage business. This questionable practice and Deal’s

“Time to raise the hood” in government, columnist says

By Greg Morin A common business practice is to require that all employees take some vacation time each year. It not only improves morale but also ensures that potential problems attributable to that employee will be brought to light in their absence (as co-workers unwittingly uncover latent

“Do we have phony scandals or do we have a phony recovery?”

By Fred Johnson President Obama recently asked that we ignore the “phony” scandals. Let’s see, what would those phony scandals be? We could start with “Fast and Furious,” where federal agents allowed the sale of a few thousand guns to suspected thugs tied to Mexican drug gangs.