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Connection to future “Antiques Roadshow”

TriBee News By Rachel Harper The expression “It’s hotter than a firecracker on the Fourth of July” couldn’t be said this year! It was really quite pleasant except the intermittent rain showers dampened things a little bit. Bruce said a good line this past week, “We have

Rutledge’s new front door

Rutledge News By Frankie Beers Welcome! If you haven’t taken a trip to Rutledge lately you’re missing out. We have a new “front” door– the new mural at the train depot taking you back to a simpler life, when passenger trains were the norm in a small

Hills celebrate 50th anniversary

  Centennial News On June 29, 2013, family and friends of Rev. Wilburn and Mrs. Sara Hill of Rutledge, gathered to honor them on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  The celebration was held at Centennial Baptist Church, where the afternoon was highlighted by a beautiful Wedding Vow Renewal

Sympathy goes out to the family of George Ray McNair Sr.

Brownwood News By Margie Ward Tragedy struck our community Friday, June 28 when George Ray McNair Sr. was killed instantly in a farming accident on his farm off Brownwood Road. He died doing what he loved to do. He will be greatly missed by all that knew

Columnist urges readers: Never doubt the power of God

Union Springs News By T. Adrienne Terrell Greetings from The Springs. I know. There is a burning question that you want to ask me. Where has Minister Derrick Worrell been lately? All over the place! In the month of June he preached first and third Sundays at

Ladies hold patriotic tourney

Madison News By Monaray Powers The Ladies Golf Association at The Creek at Hard Labor held their patriotic Golf Tournament Tuesday, June. 25. A very interesting format using red, white, blue and gold tee boxes was used. All players dressed in Patriotic colors. Winners were Flight 1:

Weather seems to be hot topic of conversation today

Sugar Creek News By Mae Buice I think I heard the weather report that we were going to have more rain. So what else is new? Have you ever known a summer this wet for this long? I don’t think I have. Seems the weather is the

So many birthdays on and around the Fourth of July

Buckhead News By Betty Moore Happy birthday to Gail Wade! Her birthday was July 3. Her family celebrated with her at her home. Then on July 4 they were all there to celebrate the festivities at the fire department. They had an enjoyable time and so did

July heat and drought bring new tasks to the garden

By Stephanie Hudak July normally brings us unrelenting heat and days on end with no rain, but as I write this the weather man is reporting that we will have a continuous line of storms coming our way, probably even as you are reading this. Too much

Flower power: Rutledge’s Sunflower Farm Festival last weekend draws 6,000-plus

By Dianne Lively Yost Staff Writer More than 6,000 people gathered for music, zip lines, crafts, food and sunflowers this past weekend to celebrate the 12th annual Sunflower Farm Festival, one of Morgan County’s most successful festivals. “We had an awesome festival,” said organizer Wes Holt. “With the