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Misunderstanding about “leaky gut”

By Dr. Haley Lance Leaky gut – also known as “intestinal permeability” – is a fast becoming a popular buzzword in healthcare circles these days. Yet, while the term is being used with increased regularity, there is still a general misunderstanding about exactly what leaky gut is

County commission: $160k-plus milling project?

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer The Morgan County Board of Commissioners (BOC) discussed a plan to mill roads at Grayson Pointe and Morgan Estates for a total of more than $164,000. After discussion, the matter was placed on the agenda for the Oct. 3 BOC meeting. According

Bostwick cell tower passes Planning Commission

About the Tower Intersection of Highway 83 and Hardeman Mill Road American Tower Corporation will construct and own the 195-foot monopole tower American Tower owns 50-60 percent of the county’s existing towers By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer The Morgan County Planning Commission held their regular meeting last

James Bratcher, Joellen Artz to square off in election: Bratcher has experience on city council

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer James Bratcher has been a resident of Rutledge for over 20 years. In 1990, he built a home for himself and his wife, Linda, and, for the past eight years, Bratcher has served as a member of the Rutledge City Council. Bratcher

James Bratcher, Joellen Artz to square off in election: Artz disapproves of Rutledge’s management

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer As a Rutledge resident since spring of 2004 and the owner of Lily Beth’s, a general store and home decor shop in downtown Rutledge, Joellen Artz said that she has gotten a good chance to “see a lot of what is going

BOC discusses reducing biannual solid waste free week to once yearly

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer During the Sept. 24 work session of the Morgan County Board of Commissioners (BOC), Gregg Pennington, Morgan County roads and bridges/sanitation supervisor, expressed his interest in reducing the number of times that the county hosts a free turn-in week for solid waste

Morgan Memorial’s net income $102k below budget in August

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month “Pink Out” at the MCHS football game this Friday. MMH is selling shirts to be able to finance free mammograms for those in need. Free gift for MMH mammography patients all month Free mammograms for patients without health insurance, a partnership between MMH and local

Meeting to explain assessments to parents: MAP Information Night, then BOE meeting to be held at MCHS

Parent Info Night MAP assessments explicated prior to the monthly Morgan County Board of Education meeting. Monday, Oct. 14 6 p.m. at the MCHS Auditorium. By Kathryn Schiliro, Managing Editor In an effort to inform parents, the county Board of Education (BOE) will hold their October meeting

Happy Birthday!

By Nick Nunn It’s been a year since my search for good Nunnsense began, and, believe you me, I’ve found Nunnsense, both far and near. And the sad thing is, the closer Nunnsense gets to home, the farther I have to stay away from it. Anyway, Nunnsense

Thanks to creative community

To the Editor: The Artist Community of Morgan County hosted a very special event on Saturday, September 14th.  At this Open Art event, my family had the privilege of exploring four museums, each providing a unique presentation and venue for many fascinating works of art. The event