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STMA thanks community for successful fund-raising event, “d’Art Shadows,” Oct. 26

  To the Editor: I’m flat worn out after STMA’s Halloween fund-raising bash, d’Art Shadows!  It was amazing!  Great thanks go to: Event Sponsors, including Aurum Studios, Madison Studios, Crooked Pines Farm, Greg Strelecki Photography, Morgan County Citizen, Smith Communications, WDDK Dock 103.9; Suppliers, including Madison Fitness

“How ObamaCares for Georgians”

By Patsy Harrison, Columnist Just look at the numbers to see how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has already helped many thousands of us Georgians over the last three years. • Number of young adult Georgians who can now stay on their parents’ health insurance policies until

Columnist Greg Morin: “One banana, two banana…”

Greg Morin, Columnist As the political pundits and state apologists breathed a sigh of relief over last week’s deal in Congress to end the government “shutdown” a subtle wrinkle in this deal went largely unnoticed. But this wrinkle, like the proverbial butterfly whose flapping wings results in

“Socialism” is not too strong

By Dave Belton, Vice Chair, Morgan County GOP “The buck stops here,” said President Harry Truman. Not with this president, who’s blaming everyone but himself for the failure of his signature issue. “If you like your health plan, you can keep it,” said Obama. Well… no. Actually,

Madison Police Department

On October 22 a simple battery complaint was filed at a Maple Street location. According to reports, a woman stated that while she was eating dinner a man called the residence and asked her to step outside. The woman said when she stepped outside the man beat

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On October 28 a 16-year-old male student was arrested and charged with disruption of the operation of a school at Crossroads School, East Washington Street. According to reports, the student allegedly came to school and became loud and disruptive and made threatening statements towards another student. On

Biz Buzz: Shake it on over to Dancing with the Stars Nov. 14!

Dianne Lively Yost, Biz Buzz Hummm. . . . This ain’t right! It’s K.C. and the Sunshine Band! Somebody’s done turned it up! Way up! Everybody get on the floor. Let’s Dance. Don’t fight .. the feelin’ give yourself a chance. Shake-Shake-Shake. Shake-Shake-Shake. Shake your booty! Shake

School’s performance measures better than last year’s in many areas

By Kathryn Schiliro, Managing Editor Morgan County High School (MCHS) Principal Dr. Jim Malanowski was “quite pleased with the results” of performance measures comparing last school year’s students with students from the 2011-2012 school year. Information presented to the county Board of Education (BOE) at their Oct.

Marching Dogs take second in ‘Heart of Georgia’ contest

By Leila Dycus, Intern Marching bands from across the state gathered this past weekend for the Heart of Georgia Marching Festival, and among them was the Morgan County High School (MCHS) Marching Band. On Saturday, Oct. 26, the MCHS marching band traveled to Warner Robins High School.

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