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Columnist: But… but… the roads!

By Greg Morin It is curious that “the roads” falls among the top justifications for the existence of government. Setting aside the laughably false choice implicit in this sentiment (i.e. that roads could not exist absent government) we are left to ponder how one of the most

Republicans: “Determined to obstruct U.S. laws”

By Celia Murray The Republican Party appears determined to pursue its losing effort to abolish the Affordable Care Act– ObamaCare. The GOP-controlled House of Representatives has voted more that 40 times to repeal the law, all to no avail. Now, the right-wing fringe of the party is

“Conservatives can see the light at the end of the tunnel”

By Fred Johnson Even as the U.S. government is mired in scandals and incompetence, there are some encouraging developments for conservatives. The first is Australia, where a conservative coalition won a crushing victory over the Labor Party which had ruled for six years. The new Prime Minister,

Law Enforcement: Sept. 26, 2013 edition

Madison Police Department On September 19 a larceny complaint was filed at a North Second Street residence after a woman reported that someone had taken two solar lights and a blue and white garden commode from her yard. On September 18 a burglary complaint was filed at

Pickin’ hot, hot, hot peppers for the Chili Cook-off!

By Dianne Lively Yost What’s this? Momma’s done left a note on the door: Do not disturb. Astral projection soul trip in progress! Shiverin’ Shadows! PawPaw won’t take Momma on that trip to Italy so she’s tryin’ to travel on the cheap! Momma! You are flat creepin’

Boom! Lady Dogs topple Monticello, Oconee Co. in “offensive explosion”

Final Game The Lady Dogs will play their final regular season game Tuesday, Oct. 1, 5:55 p.m. at MCHS. Their opponent: East Jackson. By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer The Morgan County High School Lady Dogs beat region opponent Oconee County 10-4 on Tuesday, Sept. 17, but lost to 8-AAA

Fall forward

By Nick Nunn I know that I write about the weather and the changing seasons a little bit too much in my sport columns, but, sitting out at games, it really does make a huge difference in how much I am able to enjoy the experience. So,

Looking ahead to Oconee High Friday

Next up for the Dogs Morgan County High School Dogs vs. Oconee County Warriors Friday, Sept. 27, 7:30 p.m., Oconee County High School in Watkinsville By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer “Anticlimactic.” That’s how Morgan County’s Head Football Coach Bill Malone described the bye week that the team endured last week. And

Morgan County High School competition cheerleaders begin season

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer The Morgan County High School (MCHS) competition cheerleading team participated in their first meet last Saturday, Sept. 21, at the Grayson High School in Loganville. Out of the three AAA teams in attendance, the MCHS team placed third, but Competition Cheerleading Coach

Zack Stone takes sixth at Athens Academy for MCHS

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer At the Athens Academy Home Meet, held last Thursday, Sept. 19, five members of the Morgan County High School (MCHS) Cross Country team placed in the top 20 positions in the Boys’ 5K and Girls’ 5K races. For the Boys’ 5K, Zack