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Business After Hours

Teachers of the Year

By Leila Dycus, Staff Writer (Photos by Jesse Walker and Josiah Connelly Leila Dycus Staff Writer ach year teachers in public schools across the state nominate their peers to represent their school as teacher of the year. According to the Georgia Department of Education’s website teachers of

Everything you wanted to know about earthworms

  By Stephanie Hudak, Columnist As I was planting pansies at Heritage Hall last week and digging through some crunchy soil (where is the rain when you need it) — lo and behold I unearthed some worms. Realizing that I hadn’t seen many worms lately I took

Best of the Best: Take a vacation and improve your health

By Cathy Best, Columnist When we first moved to Madison Wednesday afternoons were my favorite time of the week. All business, conducted downtown, would cease at noon. If a business was open on Saturday morning it closed on Wednesday afternoon. The bank, post office, pharmacy, fabric store,

Election Victory Celebration

Hodges, Crawford take council by wide margins

By Patrick Yost Editor In perhaps the largest voter turn–out in a Madison City Council race, District Five challenger Chris Gilbert Hodges defeated incumbent District Five Council Member Michael Naples 127 votes (64 percent) to 72 votes (36 percent) Tuesday night. In the District Two City Council

Bratcher, Smith tops in Rutledge election

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer Unofficial results from the Morgan County Elections and Registration Office name James R. Bratcher, Timothy James Smith and Bruce Altznauer as the winners for Rutledges’ municipal elections. Bratcher, running for the office of Mayor of Rutledge, received 115 votes, approximately 65 percent

Fire leads officers to alligator, snake thefts

By Patrick Yost Editor A “suspicious” Maxey Lane fire decimated a permitted reptile handler’s snake collection and, authorities believe, was the impetus for the theft of two massive snakes and an alligator. On Wednesday, October 30, Madison Police Department officers were dispatched to the 1 p.m. fire

Bostwick Gets Sunday Sales

By Nick Nunn Staff Writer On the second go-around, Bostwick voters approved the sale of alcohol on Sundays by 60 percent of the total votes. Thirty-four Bostwick voters, representing approximately 60 percent of the votes, were in favor of passing Sunday sales, while only 23 voters, roughly

County considers dramatic changes in pension program

  By Nick Nunn Staff Writer The Morgan County Board of Commissioners voted in favor of exploring alternate funding in the amount of approximately $2,500,000 for the purpose of bringing the county’s current retirement plan with the Government Employees Benefit Corporation of Georgia (GEBCorp) to 100 percent