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Columnist: “What does it mean to rest?”

By Jennifer Smith Recently our Sunday school lesson was about “Balancing Work and Rest.” I learned some significant truths about why it is important to take “Sabbaths” in our lives. There are spiritual, physical and emotional reasons that make a Sabbath necessary in order to maintain a

Spin for Kids draws hundreds of cyclists to Rutledge area

By Leila Dycus, Intern Camp Twin Lakes was overtaken by cyclists this past weekend, racking up miles and raising money to send kids to camp. More than 800 bike riders made their way to Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge this past weekend, Oct. 19 and 20. The

Flip the switch and prepare for the frost!

By Rachel Harper Well, I flipped the switch and turned on our heat this morning; it was a nippy 47 degrees when I walked into the kitchen.  I have down tomorrow, the 22, as a possible day of frost and also this coming Saturday, the 26, on

On the Holy Spirit

Selfishness Americans used to say, “Give me liberty.” Today they just say, “Give Me.” The perfect gift for the person who has everything – a burglar alarm. Too many people live cafeteria style – self-service. No one is so empty as when he is filled with thoughts

Sympathy to the family of Connie Bryant

By Betty Moore I send my sympathy to the family of Connie Bryant. My girls went to Rutledge Academy with Connie. She was a cute young girl. Linda rode to ballgames with Connie and her mother Joy. After high school she studied to become a nurse. She

Rutledge Hardware is one of Rutledge’s “best-kept secrets”

By Joan Ekstrom Tucked away inside a hardware store from a by-gone era is one of the town of Rutledge’s best kept secrets. Built in 1891, Rutledge Hardware stands as a testament to time. A time that perhaps moved a little slower, a time when handmade items

“Beyond the Battleground of the Mind to the Battleground of the Heart”

By T. Adrienne Terrell Greetings from The Springs! We have a great day planned for next Sunday, Oct. 27. We will celebrate Pastor’s Appreciation Day for our shepherd, Rev. Robert L. Terrell Jr. If his ministry has touched you in any way this would be a fantastic

On Hebrews’ “faith chapter”

By Mae Buice Here I am after 3 p.m. on news day and this pea brain of mine is not concentrating. I guess I have so much running through my mind, but will try to “git ‘er done.” Seems we may be on our way to colder

Seniors on Parade

Homecoming Week culminated in a festive parade down College Avenue for the Class of 2014 the morning of Friday, Oct. 18, 2013. Go Bulldogs! Photos by Jesse Walker and Josiah Connelly Click here for coverage of the Homecoming Week Senior Parade, in photos.

LOST negotiations now lost? Court ruling hurries a LOST decision; county offers keeping current allocations

County Proposal Following Tuesday’s executive session, the county suggested keeping former LOST rates through Dec. 2014. That means Madison gets 22 percent; Rutledge, 4 percent; Bostwick, 0.6 percent; Buckhead, 0.4 percent; and Morgan, 73 percent. By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer On Sept. 17, Morgan County and the