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County considers dramatic changes in pension program

  By Nick Nunn Staff Writer The Morgan County Board of Commissioners voted in favor of exploring alternate funding in the amount of approximately $2,500,000 for the purpose of bringing the county’s current retirement plan with the Government Employees Benefit Corporation of Georgia (GEBCorp) to 100 percent

Vet to Pet A Success

Council approves $1.2 million bond issue for Town Park

By Nick Nunn Staff Writer The Madison City Council approved a resolution during a called meeting last Friday requesting the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to issue a lease revenue bond in an amount not to exceed $1,200,000 in order to finance the acquisition of Town Park. The

Sweet God, No!

By Nick Nunn, Columnist Stop the presses! Hold the news! This is worse than a government shutdown: a lawsuit is threatening to close the Huy Fong factory in Irwindale, Ca., that produces Sriracha! (If you don’t know what Sriracha is, stop reading now. We aren’t friends anymore.)

Watching history repeat itself

By Fred Johnson, Columnist At my age it seems that I have seen it all and nothing is new. Back in the 1970s, America watched President Nixon stare into the TV and say that his administration had nothing to do with the Watergate break in. Later, as

A job well done


Lost in translation

by Greg Morin, Columnist Like millions of Americans you probably have received a letter like this (see below) from your health insurance provider (for both individual or group plans). As the farmer said to the pigs about to be slaughtered, “We’re going to be transitioning you to

‘Who pays for it” matters more in Obamacare debate

To The Editor: “How Georgians Pay for Obamacare” is a fitting sequel to Patsy Harris’ column last week. She virtuously lauds many provisions of Obamacare while ignoring a critical component: “Who pays for it?” Even I, as a Republican, took with a grain of salt many predictions

Cotton Gin Festival had ‘another great year’ organizers say

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer By Nick Nunn Staff Writer During a Nov. 4 meeting, the Bostwick City Council discussed the previous weekend’s Cotton Gin Festival. City Council Member Angie Howard heads up the Cotton Gin Festival each year, and she described this year’s festival as “another

Law Enforcement – Madison Police Department

On October 30 a disorderly conduct complaint was filed at a Micha Way location. According to reports, a woman said her 6-year-old son had been playing football in the street in front of her residence. Reports state that the woman said her son was tackled by another