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Foiled and Soiled

By Nick Nunn, Columnist It is the perfect – and I mean perfect – time of year for this story. I mean, what other season allows for the possibility of flying deer other than Christmas. That’s right, none of them. But this wasn’t your typical red-nosed, highly-magical

I’m learning as I go

Alvin Richardson, Columnist I am currently going through one of those inevitable life cycle changes and it is quite fascinating in some respects. I’ve gone from a coach / teacher / discipline administrator and overall servant of the people to a domestic servant of extraordinary talents. For

Make CEOs earn it

  George Warren, Columnist Today I digress from my program of discussing the collective mistakes made by our country since it’s founding to discuss another problem that has been with us since the beginning—a minimum hourly wage. I suggest we need a new paradigm. There is always a

Letters: Searching for Brantleys graves

To the Editor: About 200 years ago, the Lewis Brantley family and some neighbors were attacked and massacred by Creek Indians.  Lewis Brantley’s wife and son were killed in the attack.  They were later buried on the family farm which is today part of  Hard Labor Creek

Letters: Callous indifference to change

To the Editor: Repeal Obama Care? SURE. Have your right wing politicians really thought through the consequences. They are: • 105 million sick people would be back under life time caps. These are the real “Death Panels” • 17 million kids with pre-existing conditions would have their

Obituaries: Ina Jane Wallace

Ina Jane Wallace of Madison died Thursday, December 12, 2013 on her 83rd birthday. She was born in Jackson County to Benjamin F. and Sadie Langford Wallace. She moved to Madison at a young age and never left. She worked at Big Star Grocery and later Madison

Obituaries: Al Wallace

Al Wallace of Clearwater, Florida lived a full life of 94 years.  He was raised in Rutledge and attended Rutledge Public Schools. Al graduated from Marsh Business College, Atlanta, and was a veteran of the United States Air Force, WWII.  A banker, donut maker, and then purchasing

Obituaries: Mary Ellen Johnson Carter

Mary Ellen Johnson Carter, 94, of Winterville, died December 16, 2013.  Mrs. Carter was a native of Greensboro, N.C. but had lived in Winterville for a number of years.  She was preceded in death by her husband, Wiley Patton Carter.  Mrs. Carter was formerly employed as a

HPC Makes Approvals

Staff Reports Staff Reports The Historic Preservation Committee met on Dec. 10 to review several requests to alter a number of property features. The board approved: • A construction addition for Ron Erwin’s property at 584 Foster Street. • The installation of fencing, walks and parking for

Madison Police Department

On December 13 a fraud complaint was field at the Madison Police Department. According to reports, a woman came to the department and reported that she had lost her debit card while attempting to make a purchase at EZ Bottle Shop, West Washington Street. The woman said