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Humane Society Dog Trainers

  By Leila Dycus, Staff Writer Leila Dycus Staff Writer he Morgan County Humane Society’s newest edition is working to keep dogs out of shelters and in their homes. “We truly want to support, through education, ways that people can help themselves and their dog,” said Linda

Best of the Best: Gingerbread and Lemon Sauce

By Cathy Best, Columnist Thanks to my grandmothers, cool days and bright leaves put me in comfort food mode. There’s something about being in a warm kitchen on a cool evening that makes me happy. It’s no secret I love to cook. Whether it’s comfort food or

Pansies are worth it!

By Stephanie Hudak, Columnist A couple weeks ago I had some of my northern relatives come to visit me and they were shocked when I told them I would just be finishing planting the city containers. What, they asked, could I possibly be planting in “the winter”?

Swag at ‘Swag Shop’ not real, police say

By Patrick Yost Editor After a short investigation and some “controlled buys,” a Lithonia man was arrested and charged with possessing and producing “boot leg” movies and music. Kevin Lanier Moore, 45, was arrested November 1 and charged with criminal reproduction and sale of recorded material and

State says local schools earn top accreditation

By Tia Lynn Lecorchick Staff Writer The results are in for Morgan County Schools from the Georgia Accreditation Commission (GAC) accreditation visits during late October. All four schools were rated as “Accredited with Quality,” according to Superintendent Ralph Bennett. “That is the highest rate the GAC gives.

Madison Council discusses home tours

By Nick Nunn Staff Writer During the regular meeting of the Madison City Council that took place on Monday, Nov. 11, the council voted to approve a modified version of the proposed zoning text amendments related to non-residential tour uses but sent the proposed city code amendments

Morgan School system projects savings with phone system switch

By Tia Lynn Lecorchick Staff Writer The newly consolidated phone system for Morgan County Schools is now fully functional, announced Jay Cawley, director of technology for the Morgan County School System, at the monthly school board meeting on Nov. 11. Morgan County Schools switched from service with

Greenspace Commission gives annual awards

  By Nick Nunn Staff Writer The Madison Greenspace Commission (GSC) held a ceremony in honor of its 2013 everGREEN award winners on Thursday, Nov. 7, at Bonar Hall. Rick Crown and Richard Simpson won the GSC’s FOReverGREEN Award for their “many years of selfless and dedicated

Sorohan family focus of MTV anti-texting campaignBy Leila Dycus Staff Writer The Sorohan family has been carrying out their oldest son Caleb’s legacy of changing people lives since his death in 2009- now a public service announcement tells their story. After speaking at the 2010 National Highway Safety Conference Alex Sorohan was approached by a woman who later she would learn, had begun working for MTV’s It Can Wait Campaign. MTV was looking for young people that had been affected by texting while driving and the woman thought of Alex’s story. Alex joined 15 other affected teens. Eventually, the list was narrowed down to three and Alex was among the final three. “It was a completely different experience than I’ve ever had,” said Alex. “I’ve been interviewed by news people multiple times but this was so much bigger.” In July, a crew from MTV arrived at the Sorohan’s home in Rutledge. Alex and her mother Mandi described their first encounter with the crew. The crew wanted to see everything so the family showed them around the house. Their equipment consumed the home filling up their entire living room. Alex went on to describe how the producer and director sat down to interview her before coming up with different scenes to shoot for the PSA. “I think it was kind of their goal to really get to know us, our family and our story before they even decided what to do,” said Alex. Alex’s brother Caleb was killed in a tragic car accident in 2009. Caleb was home for his winter break from college. He was texting while driving when he swerved lanes hitting another car head on. “I think they had an idea of the theme for it because they knew the work I had done,” said Alex. The work that Alex is referring to is the time after her brother’s death when her family and friends had come together to lobby for a law that would ban texting and driving in the state of Georgia. Caleb’s Law was passed five months after his death. After the law was passed, the Sorohan family turned their attention to bringing awareness to the dangers of texting and driving. Alex and her younger brother Griffin have traveled across the country speaking at schools and conferences. Alex’s It Can Wait PSA features images of her at the state capital petitioning for the law, as well as scenic shots from Rutledge. The video captures pictures of Caleb, the roadside memorial, and the Sorohan family coming together as Alex encourages people to sign the pledge to not text and drive. “It’s hard to believe that they put that much into making a one minute video,” said Mandi Sorohan. “They were really good at making us feel comfortable.” Mandi described how by the end of the two days, the family felt a tie to the crew. As the crew said their goodbyes each member thanked the family for sharing their story. “I usually have a hard time liking seeing myself on tv, or hearing myself on a phone interview, but I really enjoyed what they made of it,” said Alex. “I think they picked the absolute most perfect things and put them together in the perfect way. I definitely commend them.”

By Leila Dycus Staff Writer The Sorohan family has been carrying out their oldest son Caleb’s legacy of changing people lives since his death in 2009- now a public service announcement tells their story. After speaking at the 2010 National Highway Safety Conference Alex Sorohan was approached

Donna Sheldon makes campaign stop in Madison

  Staff Reports As part of her district–wide launch of her run for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, former State House GOP Caucus Chair Donna Sheldon stopped in Madison last week. Sheldon, a conservative candidate seeking the seat, said she would combat what she called an “acute case