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MCHS’s 2013 IB students receive IB diplomas

Georgia Military College Opens

Getting Christmas together without waking little ones

Betty Moore, Columnist I have so little news on this short notice. Happy belated birthday to Sylvia Moon on December 16. Jim Moon will have a birthday on December 24. Happy birthday to you! Hunters Moon has not been well this week, I hope that you are

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with family and friends

By Margie Ward, Columnist The news has to be in early because of the Christmas celebration, The Citizen will still come out on Thursday, but the Citizen Staff will need to work on the weekend to get the paper to the press early. We hope everyone has

Low expectations of a gift turned priceless forty two years later

Rachel Harper, Columnist I want to wish all my readers a very Merry and a very Blessed Christmas!  I hope all of you have enjoyable times with your families and make memories that will stay and stay with you forever. The reason we even have and celebrate

Top off Christmas Day with heavenly choir and dessert

T. Adrienne Terrell, Columnist Merry Christmas and greetings from The Springs! How about topping off your Christmas Day at USBC? After the presents have been opened and you have enjoyed that special Christmas Brunch and Christmas Dinner, join us for dessert! From 5-6 pm, the first treat

Habitat for Humanity celebrates another Groundbreaking Event

Leila Dycus staff writer Morgan County’s Habitat for Humanity has been busy the past few months celebrating a groundbreaking and a note burning. On Thursday Dec. 12 Habitat for Humanity of Morgan County (HFHMC) members gathered at the site of their newest build to break ground. The

Winter trees and shrubs have a lot to offer

By Stephanie Hudack The leaves are off the trees and hopefully being composted somewhere. Well, the leaves are gone from most trees, except those oaks and beech trees which hang on to them until spring. Not a bad thing though. That beige color is kind of nice.

Obituaries: Deacon Samuel Eugene Cooper

Deacon Samuel Eugene Cooper, 70, was born March 30, 1943 in Rutledge to the late Bennie and Opie Nell Cooper. He was the third child of eight born to his parents. He attended Thankful Elementary School and later Pearl High School. Following graduation he moved to Atlanta.

On the road for the holidays

By Nick Nunn, Columnist As I grow older, Christmases seem to become a little less magical with each passing year. Call me the Grinch, but that’s just how it has felt to me for the past few holiday seasons. Christmases since I’ve turned 20 or so have