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MCMS group participates in Honor Chorus

  By Tia Lynn Lecorchick, Staff Writer By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer The 2014 Georgia Music Educators Association District Four Honor Chorus event took place on January 9-10. The event featured middle and high school students from across the four-county district. Fifteen students from Morgan County

Spoon shape in persimmon means a mild winter

  By Rachel Harper, Columnist I am going to call up Mrs. Andrew Whitaker soon as she was the one who told me about cutting open a persimmon to see what shape was inside to see if it was a knife, fork, or spoon. She told me she

Don’t give up on God because he won’t give up on you

By T. Adrienne Terrell, Columnist Greetings from The Springs! It has been great seeing all the college students that were here on Christmas break. Most of them have returned back and we pray that they will have good success in their studies. On Sunday, February 16th, USBC

Nursing Home Ministry

By Willie Ann Johnson, Columnist Thank God for another year to be able to go to the Nursing Home to do His will. Some of the people I have been seeing have gone home to be with the Lord. Never to worry about the things of this

Kiss your elbow and turn into a boy – didn’t work for me

By Betty Moore, Columnist Our pipes were frozen twice but thankfully none were burst. I had saved some water in jugs. I used some but the other is still in my kitchen. I asked my husband what I should do with it. He said, “Let it stay

Wednesday and Sunday night services combined

  By Margie Ward, Columnist Sunday morning worship attendance was good, missed all those that were out for one reason or another. We pray all will be able to be back with us next week. We know God will bless the visitors that are real faithful by

Wednesday night services have been suspended this month

By Mae Buice, Columnist I just checked the thermometer on the back porch and it read a steaming 52 degrees. Is that enough that it’ll burn all this flu/crud sickness away? Tthe freezing cold didn’t do it. Beautiful day out there. But still so much sickness in

Lake Oconee Living Announces Reader’ Choice Award winners

  Staff Reports The red carpet was rolled out Saturday at the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center as Lake Oconee Living magazine celebrated its fifth-annual Readers’ Choice Awards. More than 300 guests from throughout the Lake Oconee area came out to honor the winners of 35 various categories during

Permission t oDream: Morgan County NAACP hosts MLK Day programs

  By Nick Nunn & Photos by Jesse Walker “King gave us a permission to dream,” said Rev. David Powers, Pastor of the Madison Presbyterian Church, speaking at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Birthday Celebration Community Breakfast, which was hosted by the Morgan County Branch

The Sports Desk: Instant Replay

By Nick Nunn, Columnist The realm of instant replay is expanding farther into the national pastime. According to an article by the Associated Press (AP), Major League Baseball announced last Thursday that club owners voted unanimously to approve a new system for instant replays, which will allow