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Law Enforcement: Madison Police Department

On January 24 a simple assault/ simple battery complaint was filed at a Hough Street location. According to reports, a man reported that a woman known to him had snatched a blue bag containing $167. An officer approached the Hough Street residence of the woman and the

BOC backs agri-tourism display

  By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer The Morgan County Board of Commissioners (BOC) voted on Jan. 21 to implement the state-funded Agri-Tourism Road Signage Program. The signs will advertise local agri-tourism businesses throughout the county. Planning and Development Director Chuck Jarrell supported the program but raised

Somebody’s got a bad, bad case of the “Affluenza!”

By Dianne Lively Yost, Columnist Momma’s flat sick with a whoppin’ case of the Affluenza! She must have gotten it from that fool Wall Street billionaire Tom Perkins! It’s a dang epidemic! I accidently saw Momma’s email correspondence and she flat booked the Presidential Suite at the

We are having a colder winter than my brother in Belgium!

By Rachel Harper Here we go again; on this Tuesday they are forecasting a winter storm watch with snow accumulations and maybe some sleet!! So I know what I will be doing on this Monday and tonight; we will all be in “hunker down” mode; bottling up water,

Divine Direction

By T. Adrienne Terrell, Columnist Greetings from The Springs! People are buzzing about the Let’s Do It Again 70’s Night coming up on Valentine’s Day. It’s not just for couples either. It’ll be at the Old Standridge Building in Social Circle starting at 6:30. I’ll see you

Our new Lead Pastor starts this Sunday

By Rev. Donnie Compton, Columnist It has been a great New Year out here at Centennial Baptist Church. God has blessed this church in so many ways. The greatest blessing is that we have called a new Lead Pastor, Dr. Michael Stovall. He will start his ministry

Keeping jugs of water in kitchen to prepare for snow storm

By Betty Moore, Columnist As I write this we are all anticipating the predicted snow storm for our area on the 28 of January. Today is a nice day so we wait and see what happens. Meanwhile I’m keeping my jugs of water in the kitchen and

Check your documents for your spiritual strong box

By Margie Ward, Columnist Attendance Sunday morning for worship was good we continue to miss our regular members that are out for different reasons; our prayers are they will be back soon. Visitors were present, hope they received encouragement and blessings by being with us and will

I’m ready for the weather to clear out and leave us alone

  By Mae Buice, Columnist WHAT!!!! Snow on Tuesday…it’s nice for maybe an hour but I hope it skips over us. I know the school kids would love a “snow day” vacation. This weather has been the topic of many conversations lately…..and a hot topic it is. Or

MCMS: No Place for Hate

By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer Morgan County Middle School MCMS wrapped up its third annual No Place for Hate week, an antibullying effort in conjunction with the Antidefamation League out of Atlanta, on Friday Jan. 24, culminating with three assemblies for all 982 students on the