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Former Bostwick Council Member Troy Dobbs honored for service

  By Nick Nunn staff writer The Bostwick City Council honored Troy Dobbs, former city council member, for his 49 years of dedicated service to Bostwick during a ceremony held at the Bostwick City Hall last Saturday, Jan. 25. Mayor John Bostwick described the roles that Dobbs

Candidate Collins makes a campaign stop in Morgan

By Nick Nunn staff writer Mike Collins, candidate in Georgia’s 10th district congressional race, stopped in Madison last week on the campaign trail to tell voters about his plan and platform. Collins describes himself as a “business owner and life-long Conservative,” who began his first business at

Nunnsense: Party Time

By Nick Nunn, columnist Sometimes, I wish that I had been a little more outwardly obnoxious when I was still a child. I don’t think that I ever once TP’d or egged anyone’s house, and I certainly never left any burning poop on a doorstep. (I tried

College Education’s Minefield of Dangers

By Alvin Richardson, Columnist Today’s lesson is based on my personal journey through the minefield of getting a college degree. My fervent hope is that this story will help the younger generation to steer clear of some of the pitfalls and realize that, while worth the effort,

A View from the House

By Doug Holt, State Rep. During the second week of the legislative session, the House focused its efforts on budget work as part of the emphasis on an expedited session. Initial, informational hearings on the state’s finances, which normally don’t start until the second week of the

Letters: Concerned about Common Core

Dear Editor: As a parent of three children and a lifelong Morgan County resident, I am concerned about the implementation of the Common Core standards/curriculum in our schools at the local and statewide levels. I realize many parents, guardians and concerned, voting, tax-paying citizens have little understanding

Letters: Pearl St. interests Wall St.

Pearl St. intersects Wall St. It has come to my attention that Pearl St. has become an impediment to the economic growth of Madison. Purportedly, Pearl St.’s representatives on the city council, Chris Hodges and Carrie Reid have stated that the blight and vacant residences on Pearl

Tyranny of the Minority

By Donald Kerr, Columnist We live with a minority who complain that our society has become a “socialist state,” that they are losing personal liberty, freedom to own guns, and personal choice. It is not what they think. No one is going to take away guns, and

Law Enforcement: Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On January 26 a burglary complaint was filed at a Seven Islands Road location. According to reports, a woman reported that when she arrived at her residence she observed that someone had forced entry. The woman said a fire safe had been pried open, $100 in coins

Law Enforcement: Madison Police Department

On January 24 a simple assault/ simple battery complaint was filed at a Hough Street location. According to reports, a man reported that a woman known to him had snatched a blue bag containing $167. An officer approached the Hough Street residence of the woman and the