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Common Core meeting decries program

By Nick Nunn staff writer An informational meeting on the Common Core State Standards for education was held at the Morgan County Recreation Department gym last Saturday, Feb. 8. Five presenters, including Georgia gubernatorial candidate David Pennington, spoke out against the Common Core program. The Common Core

Nunnsense: Fighting Against Time

By Nick Nunn, Columnist This week, I found a headline that could have led to the greatest Nunnsense ever: “Badger saves woman from raccoon she thought was her cat.” Isn’t this a great mental image: a badger flying in through the window just in time to fight

Little House on the Prairie Taught Life Lessons

By Alvin Richardson, Columnist My wife told me the other day that Karen Grassle recently turned 71. For many of you, that tidbit of information may be meaningless but it reminded me of a television show that put a lot of valuable ideas in my head. Karen

A View from the House

By Doug Holt, State Rep. Last week in the House the focus on committee work continued. A few more items made it to the floor for consideration, and we voted on 12 bills and resolutions. All concerned fairly minor topics, with a couple of those being of

Letters: Sheri Clark

To The Editor Rolly and I bought a house in the Historic district in 1978. We are still around Madison and want to stay . . . we have a business we started in 1999 when we both retired from Delta Airlines. We have seen many changes

Letters: Donald F. Kerr

To the Editor, Sir At the risk of beating a dead horse. Fred Johnson’s response to my article shows he either did not understand it or was trying to mislead. I hope it was the former. The ” Minority” that is now running the GOP is its’

The Federal Income Tax

By George Warren, Columnist Today we shall discuss how we came to enjoy the most thrilling of American participatory endeavors—the Federal Income Tax, another of the mistakes our forefathers made for us. The original US Constitution (as ratified by 9 of the original states on June 1,

Life, Liberty and Oligopoly for All!

By Greg Morin, Columnist Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness: the protection of these rights is the bedrock upon which any legitimate government is founded (if such an oxymoron is possible). However, apparently somewhere along the way “oligopoly” was added to the list of inalienable rights.

Morgan Middle School’s Principal Norburg resigns

By Tia Lecorchick staff writer The Morgan County Board of Education (BOE) unanimously accepted Morgan County Middle School Principal Lydia Norburg’s resignation on Feb. 10. Norburg has been the MCMS principal for two years and will finish out the rest of this school year. Superintendent Ralph Bennett

School Board approves 2015 school calendar

By Tia Lecorchick staff writer The Morgan County Board of Education (BOE) approved The Calendar Task Force’s proposed school-year calendars for the 2014-2015 academic year and for the 2015-2016 academic year on Feb. 10. The 180-day school year will begin August 4, 2014 and finish May 22,