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Let Voices Sing!

Man dies in house fire

By Patrick Yost Editor A 70–year–old Rutledge man died tragically in a house fire last Saturday. According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, Samuel Eugene Cooper died after his Reese Road house caught fire and burned. Morgan County Fire Chief Mark Melvin said Morgan County Dispatch was

‘Tis the season

County changes stance on signs

By Tia Lecorchic staff writer The Director of Planning and Development, Chuck Jarrell, introduced a proposal to recommend a revisal to the current sign ordinance in Morgan County to allow the use of digital signs for gas stations. The board met last Friday to discuss the preliminary

It’s Official: Commissioners change benefit, retirement plans

By Nick Nunn staff writer The Morgan County Board of Commissioners (BOC) approved of resolutions to amend the county’s current Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) defined benefit plan for Morgan County employees and to adopt a ACCG 401(a) defined contribution plan for all employees hired by

Kids Count gives snapshot of Morgan County youth

  By Tia Lecorchic, Staff Writer The annual KIDS COUNT Report, a nationwide project conducted by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, released their results last month. The report measures the overall well-being of children across America by analyzing current trends and a variety of data gathered from

Merritt swears in mayor, Rutledge council

    By Tia Lynn Lecorchick The Rutledge City Council convened on Dec. 16 to swear in three newly-elected city officials, honor two departing council members and to vote on three submitted requests. Judge Charles Merritt swore in two new city council members, Tim Smith and Bruce

Foiled and Soiled

By Nick Nunn, Columnist It is the perfect – and I mean perfect – time of year for this story. I mean, what other season allows for the possibility of flying deer other than Christmas. That’s right, none of them. But this wasn’t your typical red-nosed, highly-magical

I’m learning as I go

Alvin Richardson, Columnist I am currently going through one of those inevitable life cycle changes and it is quite fascinating in some respects. I’ve gone from a coach / teacher / discipline administrator and overall servant of the people to a domestic servant of extraordinary talents. For

Make CEOs earn it

  George Warren, Columnist Today I digress from my program of discussing the collective mistakes made by our country since it’s founding to discuss another problem that has been with us since the beginning—a minimum hourly wage. I suggest we need a new paradigm. There is always a