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Party like it’s 1571! LOL Best of Lake Oconee Awards Gala Next Saturday at The Hall in Madison

Georgia Beyond to debut at MMCC art gallery on Jan. 17

By Leila Dycus intern January will be a month of transition for the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center with the end of the Masterworks on the Move gallery and the opening of the Georgia and Beyond show. “Everybody kind of has different favorites but people do comment a lot

Perriman, Crawford, Hodges sworn in

By Nick Nunn staff writer Madison Mayor Fred Perriman and Madison City Council Members Bobby Crawford and Chris Hodges were sworn in by Morgan County Probate Court Judge Charles Merritt last Thursday, Jan. 2, to mark the official beginning of their terms in office. All three elected

National EMS earns “Elite Eight” recognition

By Nick Nunn, staff writer National EMS, provider for Morgan County, was recently recognized by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) for being one of only eight EMS providers in the country to maintain accreditation with them since their inception 20 years ago. According to

Nunnsence: Brethren

By Nick Nunn I pity anyone who was never fortunate enough to have a brother. I mean, it might be just as good (or better) to have a sister, but I wouldn’t know anything about that. But a brother of about the same age can be an

Road Trip to Final Four signals end of my youthful escapades

  By Alvin Richardson, Columnist In prior episodes I have mentioned my waning desire for participating in adventurous exploits. I think that trend is caused by a diminishing fervor for excitement plus an accelerating tendency toward cowardice. As I look back on the foolish things I’ve done

Certification and a local lifeline for those seeking jobs

By Patsy Harris, Columnist “Just go out and get a job!” shriek some to the unemployed, as though the supply of jobs is adequate and the unemployed have the resources to get and keep a job. For many, resources are nonexistent. The skills of getting and keeping

Letters: Morgan Works teaches desirable skills to local residents in need of a job

To the Editor:  Morgan County Family Connection, in conjunction with Georgia Piedmont Technical College, is offering a Workplace Fundamentals Certification Program called Morgan Works! This program consists of classes designed to help the unemployed obtain employable job skills and training, including work-ready OSHA and forklift certifications, Total Quality Management, Total

The Rule of Men

  By Greg Morin, Columnist This past Thursday regulators overseeing the US school lunch program graciously decided to “permanently” ease restrictions added to the school lunch program only four years ago ( The changes initiated in 2010 were a part of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, which

Pain the Town Red! Best of Gala is Next Saturday