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Ainslie, Lamar speak to Madison Kiwanis

By Nick Nunn staff writer Morgan County Manager Michael Lamar and Board of Commissioners (BOC) Chair Andy Ainslie spoke briefly at a luncheon held by the Madison Kiwanis Club at the Chop House last Thursday, Jan. 30. Addressing the members of Kiwanis Club, Lamar stated that he

Nunnsense: Felonious Fishes

I got into Star Wars relatively early on in my childhood development, and I liked that Han Solo – played by Harrison Ford, in case you don’t know – had been a smuggler before he fought alongside the Rebel Alliance against the Empire. Smuggling, or at least

Generationally Speaking . . .

By Alvin Richardson, Columnist It is a universally accepted fact that every older generation believes the next or younger generation is on the fast track to Perdition – Going to hell in a hand basket and all that. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Perhaps the

A View from the House

By Doug Holt, State Rep. The third week of the legislative session saw the House turn, at least partially, to non-appropriations committee work. Work on the Fiscal 2015 budget will be ongoing, but at a more measured pace. Thus bills on other topics began to come out

Letters: Supporter says it’s time to support the Bulldogs

To The Editor Hey all you Morgan fans, come on fill up the stands! There is some mighty good high school basketball being played down on the campus of Morgan County High School at the new gymnasium that I like to think of as the Dog House.


By Celia Murray, Columnist Last week, two inches of snow shut down metropolitan Atlanta. The city of Atlanta has only 500,000 residents, but the metro area has six million. Commuters were left gridlocked on interstate highways 18 hours. Thousands of school children slept on gym floors, while

Who is the minority?

By Fred Johnson, Columnist In his column, Tyranny of the Minority, the author seems to be confused about who are the minority. Take the House of Representatives for example. Democrats were in the majority when they passed Obama care with zero Republican votes. But in the next

Law Enforcement: Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On February 2 Quantterio Hyman, 29, Madison was arrested and charged with simple assault, simple battery and cruelty to children in the third degree. According to reports, deputies were called to a domestic dispute complaint at the Relax Inn, Athens Highway. Reports state that when they arrived

Law Enforcement: Madison Police Department

On January 27 a pointing a pistol at another complaint was filed at a Morgan Circle location. According to reports, a man stated that after a man gave him a ride from an Eatonton Road convenience store to a West Washington Street liquor store, the man accused

Madison man charged with stalking, terroristic threats

By Patrick Yost editor A Madison man has been arrested and charged with aggravated stalking, burglary, criminal trespass, terroristic threats and obstruction after he allegedly threatened a Rutledge woman and broke into a guest house on the woman’s property. Michael Glen Nix, 41, was arrested Monday, January