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The “White Stuff” didn’t interfere with Valentine’s fun!

Senior Moments Our Family Ties group of about 30 enjoyed a wonderful Valentine’s Day meal and program prepared by the Apalachee Baptist Church on Monday, February 10.  After a delicious home-cooked meal of chicken, (real) creamed potatoes, baked beans, slaw, and a smorgasbord of desserts the crowd

Snow memories with me and my two brothers at Christmas

  Betty Moore, Columnist We send our sympathy to the family of Richard Turner who passed away from leukemia. He lived at White Plains but Edna Smith from Swords was his aunt. He had cousins and uncles here. The funeral was at Mt. Stephens Baptist Church at

God can and will turn any situation around

By Margie Ward, Columnist One thing we can say last week was a beautiful week even though we had good days with clouds and snow beginning to fall along with sleet on Tuesday afternoon. Everyone packed the grocery stores stocking up on those much needed supplies that

Everyone needs a blessing

Nursing Home Ministry By Willie Ann Johnson, Columnist I’m so grateful for things as well as they are, the weather. We could be like the people up North where the weather is much worst than we had. I pray they will soon get some relief. I want

Tickets available for annual chicken barbecue April 26th

Mae Buice, Columnist What a beautiful day…. and just a short week ago what did we have? Oh, Mother Nature, how you do tease. But yes, we do deserve some nice weather and I do pray that old groundhog was right. He did not see his shadow.

Rutledge News: Ahoy Y’all! Bon Voyage Fundraiser

Ahoy y’all” is the welcoming call for the 4th annual Rutledge Downhome Soiree to benefit Rutledge Beautification. All of this year’s contributions will go toward curbing and landscaping the new park in the City of Rutledge. The Rutledge Beautification committee is comprised of eight local residents who

MCAA museum Celebrates African American Marriages during Black History Month

Morgan County African American Museum will be focusing on celebrating African American Marriages during the month of February which is designated as Black History Month. We would like to invite you to join us. The Museum will be presenting the second part of the lecture series entitled,

Great Cold Weather Plants

By Stephanie Hudak, Columnist Good Grief Charlie Brown, when will this cold, rain, and snow end. My poor pansies in the city containers are struggling to stay in bloom. Let’s hear it for the kale and the parsley though. More on who were the winners and losers

Best of the Best: Spearing Sturgeon on the Ice

By Cathy Best, Columnist It’s all over but the bragging. The 2014 sturgeon-spearing season, on Lake Winnebago, was set to run from February 8 – 24; it came to an abrupt halt on February 13. Anglers, spearers in this case, depleted the lake of its 2014 DNR

Welcome Home!

While planning the details of their upcoming wedding the news of deployment came too soon for Joe Lester and fiancé Brittany Minton, both of Rutledge. Not knowing which day he would actually head out, a beautiful whirlwind, backyard wedding took place. Two days later Joe left his