A Spike Dog slams the ball over the net in a contest hosted by MCHS Aug. 29. Photo by Josiah Connelly

A Spike Dog slams the ball over the net in a contest hosted by MCHS Aug. 29. Photo by Josiah Connelly

By Leila Dycus, Intern

The varsity and junior varsity Spike Dogs got to play side by side this week, hosting Jackson County and Putnam.

“This was a tough one because we didn’t have a lot of action that we’re used to, but you’ve got to learn somehow. It was a game that we got to really focus on practicing not so much about we’ve got to win this,” said varsity player Kourtney Kitchen.

The varsity team took on both Jackson and Putnam on Thursday, Aug. 29 in the Morgan County High School (MCHS) gym. Meanwhile, the JV girls took on Jackson County in a five-set match-up, as Putnam doesn’t have a JV team. Both the JV and varsity teams dominated over the other schools.

The varsity Spike Dogs easily beat Jackson County in their first set, 25-8. In the second set, Jackson County out up a little more of a fight tying the game up several times until the Bulldogs broke away.

A big spike by Olivia Keegan followed by an ace by Alana Stewart got the team more fired up. The varsity team won the battle against Jackson County 25-16, defeating Jackson in just two short sets.

The team then went on to take on Putnam. The first set against Putnam was almost a MCHS shutout, allowing Putnam only three points in the entire set.

In the second set, the lack of opposition from Putnam allowed the team to pull off another win, dominating Putnam 25-7.

The JV Dogs took on Jackson County’s JV team in a five-set match. The JV girls beat Jackson County three games to two.

Team member Taylor Adams talked about the scores on the games: “We won the first match 25-22 and then 25-17, and then on the second game we had to go into overtime, we won the first but we lost the second two.”

“Tonight was good, I think, we could have done a lot better but we did good overall. We’ve improved a lot like from the beginning of the season and I’m so proud of these girls,” team member Journee Holloway.

“We did great, everyone has improved so much,” said JV player Madison Gasque.

Thursday night’s game allowed for both MCHS teams to play their entire team line-up.

“I feel way better about my game… Now that I’ve finally played in a game, I feel way more confident then I did before because I got game time,” said new team member Julie Phillips.

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