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MCHS Volleyball gains another win as Region Tournament draws closer

By: Zachary Parker The Morgan County High School Volleyball team took two wins at home last Thursday against Jackson County and Cedar Shoals. The girls beat Jackson 25-11 and 25-13, and Cedar Shoals 25-14 and 25-16. Jackson has been a tough rival for the team earlier in

Summer sights

The arrival of June has brought along with it many of the sights and sounds that are tied up most intimately with the season of summer. Fireflies fill the heavy air at twilight, and the (infernal) sound of crickets provide an extra blanket of white noise just

The Sports Desk: Eight days a week

By Nick Nunn, Columnist There are some weeks when a weekly paper can’t do justice to the developments going on in the community. For Morgan County sports – basketball, in particular – this was definitely one of those weeks. As I sat down on Tuesday morning to

The Sports Desk: Weather

By Nick Nunn, Columnist My dedicated readers know that, from time to time, I fall back to discussing semi-current weather in my sports column. To tell the truth, I always feel a little sheepish discussing meteorological activity for a full column, because it feels like I’m trying

The Sports Desk: Sochi

By Nick Nunn, Columnist During the past week, I’ve really been struggling with how I should deal with some of the recent developments involving some of journalists and media figures covering the Olympic games in Sochi, Russia. I mean, when you’ve got stray dogs patrolling newly built

The Sports Desk: Flurried

By Nick Nunn, Columnist Last Tuesday, in a desperate attempt to find a good picture of the winter precipitation for the front page, Patrick and I cruised around town and look for anything remotely resembling a winter landscape. The problem was that it was only three or

The Sports Desk: Soupy Bowl Sunday

By Nick Nunn, Columnist I was genuinely surprised to hear just a couple of days ago that the world is bearing down on Superbowl Sunday. However, my surprise didn’t surprise me. I’m not a big follower of professional football generally. I think the last time that I

The Sports Desk: Instant Replay

By Nick Nunn, Columnist The realm of instant replay is expanding farther into the national pastime. According to an article by the Associated Press (AP), Major League Baseball announced last Thursday that club owners voted unanimously to approve a new system for instant replays, which will allow

The Sports Desk: Don’t do it

By Nick Nunn, Columnist This morning, tired and not ready for the Tuesday that I was about to face, I opened my email to see a seemingly-desperate email entitled “Don’t do it!” “Do what?” I asked myself. Was it something that I had already done, or something

The Sports Desk: It’s That Time Again

By Nick Nunn, Sports Writer It really doesn’t seem like it has been a full year since I wrote about the “scandal” surrounding the possibility of confirmed or rumored users of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) being voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I’ll admit that I