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Character building 101

By Alvin Richardson, Columnist Today’s class is now in session and our topic will be how one can build character through the use of adversity. For our purposes we will hang around the lighter side of the equation which is to say we will not delve into

Little House on the Prairie Taught Life Lessons

By Alvin Richardson, Columnist My wife told me the other day that Karen Grassle recently turned 71. For many of you, that tidbit of information may be meaningless but it reminded me of a television show that put a lot of valuable ideas in my head. Karen

Generationally Speaking . . .

By Alvin Richardson, Columnist It is a universally accepted fact that every older generation believes the next or younger generation is on the fast track to Perdition – Going to hell in a hand basket and all that. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Perhaps the

College Education’s Minefield of Dangers

By Alvin Richardson, Columnist Today’s lesson is based on my personal journey through the minefield of getting a college degree. My fervent hope is that this story will help the younger generation to steer clear of some of the pitfalls and realize that, while worth the effort,

Like father, like son…

By Alvin Richardson, Columnist A few weeks back I updated you on my recent career change from servant of the people to one of domestic servitude. If you missed it, the thrust of that briefing was to let you know the challenges and joys of housekeeping duties

Opinions on Maddux’ less-than-perfect HoF induction

Alvin Richardson, Columnist That Greg Maddux went into the Hall of Fame in an avalanche of votes was certainly no surprise. That he didn’t get everyone’s vote still perplexes me worse than trig did in high school. Both topics are as dark and mysterious as the Amazon

Atlanta not what I need

By Alvin Richardson There is little doubt that the few mental faculties I once had are on a steady decline. That said I’m not sure about much any more but there’s one thing that is for guaranteed certain: I much prefer living in a rural area as

Road Trip to Final Four signals end of my youthful escapades

  By Alvin Richardson, Columnist In prior episodes I have mentioned my waning desire for participating in adventurous exploits. I think that trend is caused by a diminishing fervor for excitement plus an accelerating tendency toward cowardice. As I look back on the foolish things I’ve done

“Resolutionary” wars, past and future

By Alvin Richardson, Columnist Even though we are getting ready pronounce our New Year Resolutions I bet you don’t know the real historical background. Now don’t hold me to this ‘cause some embarrassing errors might be found but this is what I heard. It all got started

Dear Santa, I need . . .

By Alvin Richardson, Columnist (Written three days prior to Christmas Eve and sent priority mail) Dear Santa: I know this list is a little south of late but just thought I’d go ahead and try to sneak it in at the last moment. I have strived to