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Boat toting and other forms of fishing obsession

Alvin Richardson columnist I looked up the term obsessive-compulsive disorder the other day because my friends have hinted strongly that there’s something wrong with me. They say I’m always going fishing, talking about going fishing, planning to go fishing or describing my latest exploits for their benefit.

Come fly with me

Greg Morin columnist Media bias is often subtle. Those that know the whole story are aware when a slanted viewpoint arises from omitted information. Then again, there are times the “reporter” simply is unable to contain his zeal and so takes aim at his subject with all

Why do Democrats fear business people?

Fred Johnson columnist We saw it in 2012 when we had a successful businessman run against a community organizer for president. The businessman was accused of being too rich, not caring about the middle class and not being “one of us.” So we elected the community organizer

Famed animator Ed Murrieta drops in on local art class

By Jamie Miles special to the citizen People have a hard time saying “no” to illustrator Melindia Burnett. Just ask her art students and celebrated artistic friends like famed animator Ed Murrieta. Recently, Murrieta braved the drive from Atlanta to Morgan County – on a weekday afternoon

Georgia Mountain Fair and fresh vegetables

We were skeptical of last Tuesday’s weather, and rescheduled our mountain trip for Wednesday.  Almost everyone that had planned to go Tuesday went Wednesday, and were not drenched by downpours.  We saw Ronnie McDowell instead of John Conlee, but Ronnie put on a good show, and we

A simple way to protect America from Ebola

By: Fred Johnson columnist When President Obama visited the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta last month he assured us that the “odds of the Ebola virus making it to the U.S. were “extremely low.” And in the unlikely event that the virus does come to America,

Morgan Emergency Services creates outside interests

Special to the Citizens Morgan County Emergency Services recently hosted five communications officers with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, for a tour and overview of the new upgraded Emergency 911 Communication System that was put into place earlier this year. The visitors were interested in the system

Last fishing trip for the season is Friday, Oct. 17

The turnip patch was hit last week for about 14 families and if the weather holds this week, we will make another trip for fresh turnip salad and mustard greens.  These fresh vegetables are healthy, and can’t be better than when they go from field to sink

Vegetable soup, peas, cornbread, and strawberry shortcake

We fed about 80 vendors and participants at our Health Fair Friday with vegetable soup, peas, cornbread, and strawberry shortcake.  A lot of information was shared, and health screenings done.  Thanks to all those involved in helping make the event a success.  Next on our calendar is

Politics At Perk Avenue

By Jamison Hooks: Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston visited Madison to speak on behalf of District 112 State Representative Dave Belton and the upcoming elections on Nov. 4. Dozens of interested Madison locals gathered at Perk Avenue for an opportunity to meet with several Georgia politicians,