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There is no room for fear

By Margie Ward: On Sunday morning attendance was good, with visitors present. We had some members and visitors out today for various reasons, we are praying that all will be back soon. Bro Ron welcomed everyone and had morning announcements. Deacon of the week, Joe brown, opened

Whidby Jewelers football promotion!

By Dianne Lively Yost Columnist Momma’s flat ready for football y’all! She’s changin’ into her ballgame outfit right now so I can see how flat fab it is! What the? Momma! Why in the Sam Hill are you wearin’ a football jersey that’s half Georgia Bulldog and

The Order of Worship

Greetings from The Springs! There are many exciting changes coming to USBC including the new website. It will be filled with events in the community and at USBC. Once things are finalized, you’ll be the first to know! Seniors Game Night is coming! For those that are

I am really tired of hot, muggy weather, aren’t you?

I am really tired of hot, muggy weather, aren’t you?  There was a cloud that came up yesterday and another one today, but so far we haven’t gotten anything from them.  I understand Bostwick and Watkinsville did get some, so I am glad for them.  I guess

Sportsman’s Night – A Celebration of Community Heroes

Every once in a while, a community needs an opportunity to get together and enjoy a fun evening…and that’s exactly what we want to help make happen. Centennial Baptist Church is hosting a community wide Sportsman’s Night Out on Thursday, September 11 at 6:30 p.m., at Heritage Recreation Park in

Best of the Best: The Forgotten Room

There are rooms in our homes we consciously forget about and ones that slide under the carpet unnoticed. A recent renovation brought hallways to the forefront. Taking you from living room to bedroom, garage to kitchen, foyer to powder room, hallways are used more than any other

Character is what you are in the dark

  Attendance on Sunday was good, some members were able to be back with us today, really good to see them. Several visitors were present they always encourage us by their presence. We welcome them to come to any of our services as God leads. The call

Good times we had on the slopes

I send my sympathy to Debbie Ashburn and also to Dr. Ralph Bennett Jr. in the death of their dad Ralph M. Bennett Sr. in Macon. The funeral was on Sunday. There was a huge crowd there including some from Madison. Mr. Bennett was 90 years old

I have had many hummingbirds

We have had some nice hot summer days. I have had many hummingbirds and not many butterflies. I could not be at Madison Health and Rehab Saturday and I thank Mother Ruby Rainwater for taking notes for me that she handled to me on Sunday at church.

Goodbye Nunnsense

They say that all good things must come to the end. Evidently, some of the bad stuff crashes and burns from time to time as well, seeing as this will be the final Nunnsense column. This 96th Nunnsense marks the end of an unbroken streak of almost