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Memorial Day always brings special thoughts

I hope that you all had an enjoyable and safe Memorial weekend. The weather was nice. We had an enjoyable quiet time, which was fine. We both rested. Edna Smith went to see Beatrice Smith and Linda at Eatonton. Beatrice will be 98 on May 28! A

God bless all our veterans

Sunday night we had beautiful showers. Not too heavy to damage our tender plants and so refreshing. This morning (Monday, Memorial Day) the sun is glorifying everything here at my house. Thank you Lord for Showers of Blessing. Sunday morning, even with several out of town, we

This weather is definitely summer weather

As I heard on the weather last week, the calendar may not say it is summer, but this weather is definitely summer weather! Last week was an excellent week to get up hay, and I think everyone hereabouts was doing just that.  “make hay while the sun

“God and Country Day” at Brownwood on June 29

Sunday morning attendance was good, missed all that didn’t get to come because of sickness in family, job traveling etc. We were glad to have visitors present today and pray they were blessed by coming and will be with us again soon as God leads. The Call

Do it yourself

I’d like to imagine that I’m a do-it-yourself kind of guy. I change the oil in my car, do small-to-moderate projects around the house, and have even built a couple of guitar amplifiers for myself. (And then repaired them when they broke down…) I’d imagine that a

Living by God’s Word

Greetings from The Springs! I know. You thought that I was finished announcing our college graduates, but there is one more. Jessica Bonet Hester will graduate from Truett-McConnell College with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Great Commissions. Commencement exercises will take place on Saturday,

Swords left a mark on many lives

Dottie Saffold is in the hospital at Madison. She was last week and this week. I hope that you will be better very soon Dottie! The Buckhead Baptist Church honored the graduates Sunday in the service. There were the pictures of the lives of each one shown.

Vacation Bible Study on June 28

Is the calendar right?  Is this the middle of May?   Has anyone else had their air and heat on the same day?   We have but it has been nice.  Enjoying the cool sleeping weather. Sunday was a good day overall,  some rain, some sunshine, cloudy and cool

“May is a very deceitful month”

The blanket on our bed sure did feel good last night and it would have felt really good the night before that and the night before that, but I just couldn’t get my sleepy and lazy self out of the bed to get up and get it, so

We need to see from God’s point of view

The attendance on Sunday morning was good for worship service with several visitors present. We are always glad to have them as they come each week. We also had some members back after being out for a while. We hope everyone was blessed by coming and will