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I do hope all will have a good safe summer

Attendance Sunday morning was good with members and visitors. Some were out due to traveling, sickness and jobs. Hope all will be back soon, we miss you when you’re not with us. The call to worship by the choir was “Be Exalted Oh God.” Welcome and announcements

Voice of God

There is a pressing matter at hand this week in Nunnsense news: how you deal with someone who has been hearing the voice of God. Well, I wasn’t the one hearing the voice of God. This is a secondhand message that I’m relaying from the original human

Brunswick Stew Recipe Goes Viral

Alvin Richardson, columnist   I’m pretty sure that many of you think most of the stories in this space are, for lack of a better phrase, plain old whoppers, but I swear to you that today’s saga is one that is completely, utterly, and mostly true. I

The Debt of Memorial Day

Greg Morin, columnist   War is ugly. War is dirty. War is perhaps the single most horrifying event one could participate in. And yet despite all of that, there are those who have been compelled, for a variety of reasons (duty, honor, peer pressure, guilt, pragmatism, or

Disservice done to firefighter in newspaper article

To the Editor: Those of us with the Morgan County Fire Rescue would like to formally rectify some false statements made when there was a front page article and report published on an accident that resulted in the death of one and critical injuries of another of

Online anonymous tip link

To the Editor: In an effort to improve communication between citizens and their government, the City of Madison website (www.madisonga.com) now offers an anonymous tip link.  If you notice suspicious behavior in your neighborhood or would like to report domestic abuse, please use this tool. It is a safe,

Thank you Bobby Crawford

To the Editor: Through the years, Bobby Crawford has tirelessly given to his customers by being a wonderful friend and pharmacist — from the years of the infamous “pink medicine” for our children, to the time someone was sick in the middle of the night and he

Farm Bureau thanks sponsors

To the Editor: Morgan County Farm Bureau would like to thank the sponsors and volunteers for their support with our Farm Safety Day that was held on May 6th at Hard Labor Creek park. With the help of the sponsors we were able to hand out t-shirts

Can You Keep 55,000 “Bosses” Happy?

So, do you think you’ve mastered being a “part-time” legislator, now that you know about voting on bills and pushing your own legislation? Guess again! You’ve got 55,000 citizens in your district, and every day at least a few of them find reason to collar you. These

Enjoy the Time God Gives You

Greetings from The Springs! USBC gave a special salute to Mr. and Mrs. Ron Eugene Reams during the morning worship service. The smiles on their faces told the story. True happiness! After a standing ovation to the newlyweds by the congregation, Sister Toni Terrell sang, “Our Daily