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Adversity Proves Integrity

Greetings from The Springs! The youth of USBC did a fantastic job with the play, “The Resume of Jesus Christ,” which was performed on Friday, June 6 at 7 p.m. All of the cast members were recognized during the morning worship service and applauded for their diligent

Neighbors and Friends

I have always been told that there is a clear way to tell whether a person needs encouragement. If they are breathing. My wife and I recently visited with a young couple that needed a little encouragement in life and in their ministry. This is one of

Revival at Antioch Baptist Church June 15-18

Bruce and I along with Mama and Daddy (Blanche and Jake Wilson) got away for a few days last week and went up to Maggie Valley, NC for a few days.  It was good weather and sort of cool and cloudy most days.  We were hunting something

It is better to be faithful than to be famous

Our Sunday morning attendance was good even though several were out for different reasons. Visitors were present, they always bless us with their presence, we hope they were in some way blessed also and will continue to be with us as they follow God’s leadership. Our prayers

Dairy Queen opened on Eatonton Highway

Ding Dang! All you-know-what has flat broke loose! Honey, times they are a changin’! Hold on honey and get ready! First up, we had the big Dairy Queen open up on Eatonton Highway last Friday to record crowds! Susan Praugh of Madison even got in the line

God has painted everything green

What a great day to be alive. Hey, wasn’t there a song with that line in it? I’m loving this time of the year. God has painted everything so green and in such livid colors are the flowers. Even His children (us) seem to be more alive.

Special cow from a special person

The Buckhead Baptist Church has the Wednesday prayer meetings at 6 p.m. They are having interesting Bible studies. The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel is having a garage sale on June 21-22 at the church. They will have another one the following weekend. If you have donations from

Youth Day 2014

Greetings from The Springs! To kick off our Youth Week at USBC, our Youth Day speaker was Minister Gary Walker. His sermon was titled, “It’s not about Us, But About Jesus,” and his scripture references came from Matthew 12: 38-40 and Jonah 3: 1-3. Minister Walker stated

Fun in the Summer

Summertime is here and maybe your family is looking for affordable camp options to fill in some of that “free time” you have while school is out. There are lots of great opportunities in and around our community for your family. I’d like to tell you about a few

The movie people have moved out and moved on

Well, the movie people have all moved out and moved on I believe, but all that was something to see!  I can’t believe how much work and hoop-la goes into just filming a few scenes, can you?  Several, several years ago, the movie, “I’ll Fly Away.” was