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Great turnout for “Kuntry Fun Day”

By Margie Ward, Columnist Attendance Sunday morning was good, some people were out because of sickness, our prayer is they will all be better soon and will be able to be back with us. We welcome our visitors praying they will always be blessed and receive encouragement

Rutledge’s Back Door, Best Kept Secret

Rutledge News Frankie Beers, Columnist Hello again! Last time I wrote about Rutledge’s new face of our community – the front door, with the new diorama at the train depot. Now you need to know about our wonderful back door, one of Georgia’s best kept secrets, “Hard

Oh, the beauty of fall and fall leaves

By Mae Buice, Columnist Sorry,  I missed you last week. I just did not have anything new to tell you. I’ll try to make up for it this beautiful but sad Monday in November. Looking out side I can see a “sea” of leaves already been blown

“Show Hope” benefit concert at Perk Avenue this Saturday

By Rachel Harper, Columnist As I am starting my column on this Monday morning, I am first of all, so thankful for all the veterans of this great country.  Because of them we can  enjoy all the freedoms that we are all blessed with.  My great, great

What are your plans for this holiday season?

By The Rev. Donnie Compton, Columnist As we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, it is a wonderful time to reflect on how God has blessed us. It has been a year that has brought the Centennial family much closer together. We have been seeking God to

“I know that The Springs is on solid rock!”

By T. Adrienne Terrell, Columnist Greetings from The Springs! Sunday, November 10, Union Springs Baptist Church celebrated our 138th Church Anniversary. From the beginnings of the first church, which was built in 1875, to now, we have come a long way! According to church history, USBC had

Everything you wanted to know about earthworms

  By Stephanie Hudak, Columnist As I was planting pansies at Heritage Hall last week and digging through some crunchy soil (where is the rain when you need it) — lo and behold I unearthed some worms. Realizing that I hadn’t seen many worms lately I took

Best of the Best: Take a vacation and improve your health

By Cathy Best, Columnist When we first moved to Madison Wednesday afternoons were my favorite time of the week. All business, conducted downtown, would cease at noon. If a business was open on Saturday morning it closed on Wednesday afternoon. The bank, post office, pharmacy, fabric store,

Sweet God, No!

By Nick Nunn, Columnist Stop the presses! Hold the news! This is worse than a government shutdown: a lawsuit is threatening to close the Huy Fong factory in Irwindale, Ca., that produces Sriracha! (If you don’t know what Sriracha is, stop reading now. We aren’t friends anymore.)

Watching history repeat itself

By Fred Johnson, Columnist At my age it seems that I have seen it all and nothing is new. Back in the 1970s, America watched President Nixon stare into the TV and say that his administration had nothing to do with the Watergate break in. Later, as