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What are your plans for this holiday season?

By Rev. Donnie Compton, Columnist aThe book of Psalms is the greatest worship handbook ever compiled, the greatest hymnal ever penned, and the greatest collection of exhortations to worship ever assembled. The book of Psalms ends with this: Praise the Lord! Praise God in His sanctuary; Praise

Make good use of the magic word (thank you)

By Willie Ann Johnson, Columnist The weather was damp and cool on Saturday and we had a great turnout at the Nursing Home. I thank God for blessing everyone that came far and near to be able to come and bring some joy to the residents. We

Rutledge News

By Joellen Artz, Columnist The holidays are fast approaching. You can tell because the Rutledge gazebo is all decked out in festive lights, bows and garland and there’s a spectacular Christmas tree in the corner garden. Our treasured vintage Nativity Scene graces the City Park, shops and

Best of the Best: Gingerbread and Lemon Sauce

By Cathy Best, Columnist Thanks to my grandmothers, cool days and bright leaves put me in comfort food mode. There’s something about being in a warm kitchen on a cool evening that makes me happy. It’s no secret I love to cook. Whether it’s comfort food or

Pansies are worth it!

By Stephanie Hudak, Columnist A couple weeks ago I had some of my northern relatives come to visit me and they were shocked when I told them I would just be finishing planting the city containers. What, they asked, could I possibly be planting in “the winter”?

Is Fluoride really worth it?

  There’s an old riddle that asks: Name a poison people ingest on a daily basis. The answer? Fluoride. Fluoride is most notably found in toothpaste and municipal drinking water. But it can also be found in certain foods. While most of us aren’t necessarily ingesting fluoride

Lack of participation shames veteran

To The Editor: I read the results of the Rutledge voters yesterday. It’s a crying shame that 251 voters or 41.5 percent of voters didn’t bother to vote in Rutledge. Why even register to vote if you’re not taking a few minutes to cast a ballot in any

Wrap up good and warm for this week

Marshall White from Canada visited his father, Charles in Hartwell. They came to visit Frieda White one day last week. Teresa Wallace and the youth at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel have been publishing a nice paper each month. It is placed at different places. You should get

There’s no real reason to go elsewhere when you can shop locally

By Dianne Lively Yost, Columnist Momma’s got PawPaw’s fine binoculars and her birdin’ britches on! And you know what that means: She’s tendin’ to her nest egg! Let’s spy on her for a bit from the kitchen window! There she is now . . . right over

The Sports Desk: Mustard

By Nick Nunn I spend a lot of time eating my words, among other foodstuffs. It seems that each time I protest against someone’s claim loudly, I end up having to recant and admit that I was wrong later. (You’d think that I would learn to keep