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Here comes Ricky D’s! Dianne Lively Yost biz buzz columnist

Momma! I’m home! I brought you a brand spankin’ new . . . Oh My Ever. Livin’. GOSH! Yoda! Ironman! Indiana Jones! What in the Sam Hill is goin’ on? Whoa! Did somebody slip psychedelic mushrooms in my tea? Momma y’all can’t play poker with our shoppin’

When Thou Prayest

By T. Adrenne Terrell, Columnist Greetings from The Springs!  The March church calendar has been set and there is something to do each week.  The events are as follows: ·Outreach Conference, March 5-6; Calvary Baptist Church from 5p.m.-8p.m. nightly. ·Spring Clean Up Day, March 15 at the

Old Buckhead Days is fast approching! April 5!

By Betty Moore, Columnist Congratulations to Thomas and Leigh Ann Bell in being new grandparents. Their daughter Allison and her husband just announced the birth of their first child, a son. They live at Albany. Margaret Bell is a new great grandmother. Reid and Gwen Alliston are

Every issue is a spiritual issue

By Dr. Michael Stoval, Columnist Christians tend to separate our lives into the secular and the spiritual. When we do this, we are actually denying God His rightful place as the Sovereign in our lives.  If God is the absolute, sovereign Creator of the universe who has

Celebrating Black History Month at African American Museum

Morgan County Seniors enjoying a tour of the African American Museum in February for Black History Month were: (front row) Marie Stansell, Nellie Wilson, Amy Boswell, Minnie Peek, Alice Scott, Willie J. Waller, Bertha Thomas; (Back row) Rosby Murray, Geneva Smith, Addie Johnson, Lorene Mohone, Doris Booker,

Remember, Daylight Saving Time starts this week

By Rachel Harper, Columnist Spring is trying hard to get here!  Sunday was absolutely gorgeous.  My sister in Tennessee said Saturday was like that up there and then on this Monday they had already canceled her school and Leon’s classes since ice and snow were predicted; I

I wish they would leave our time alone

By Mae Buice, Columnist Wow, March already this year is ticking right on by and this coming week end we set our clocks to Daylight Savings Time. I wish they would leave our time alone. Let us get use to one or the other, especially old folks

God has patience, protection and pardon for all

By Margie Ward, Columnist Attendance on Sunday morning was good; we’re still missing those that are out due to sickness, jobs etc. We’re praying for you that all will get better soon. Visitors are continuing to bless us with their presence and we’re thankful for each one

Nunnsense: Stake, then Shake

By Nick Nunn, Columnist In modern-day history, few objects have stood at the center of comedic ridicule as prominently as the vending machine. I mean, how many times in a comedy show or film have we watched our poor protagonist fall prey to the devilish contraption? People

Character building 101

By Alvin Richardson, Columnist Today’s class is now in session and our topic will be how one can build character through the use of adversity. For our purposes we will hang around the lighter side of the equation which is to say we will not delve into