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Outsourcing our space programs to Russia

Fred Johnson columnist After we retired the space shuttle in 2011, we have relied on Russia to transport our astronauts to the International Space Station and we pay them $70 million per astronaut for a round trip. NASA also contracted with a company to take supplies and

Christmas is just around the corner

Do you realize that time is creeping upon us? Christmas is just around the corner from Thanksgiving. Time does fly along with all the leaves that have turned loose with all the wind we’ve had the last few days. We’ve already had a taste of the cold

28 degrees on a Monday morning

Brrrrr!!  It was really cold this Monday morning…..28 degrees around 6:45 this morning when I got up and there was a big, big killing frost on everything.  It got everything here at our house except maybe a few flowers up on the porch, which I just told

Gratitude for our veterans

We live in the greatest nation on the face of the earth. America is a great nation because of the great people who have served, sacrificed and invested in the dream of freedom that permeates our nation’s landscape. The men and women of the United States Armed Forces are

Dedication of Operation Christmas Child on November 16

Sunday our attendance was good for worship service. Some of our members were out for different reasons; hopefully they all will be back soon. Several visitors were p resent and they always add a blessing to our service and we thank God for their willingness to come

I am that I am

Greetings from The Springs! Praise the Lord that Mother Octavia Whitlock is back! She recently had knee surgery, but she is back in the house of the Lord, praising God and looking better that ever! If you missed the announcement, write this down. The next Women’s Conference,

Beautiful fall days in Morgan County

A beautiful fall day here in Morgan County. In some areas the trees are losing their leaves other trees are coated in beautiful colors. This is a beautiful time of the year when God gets out his paint brush and does Hi magic. Service was good on Sunday

Snow babies are making their grand appearance

Do you remember back in February when we had the ice storm and then Valentine’s was right in there with it, too?  Well, here we are 9 months from then and can you guess what is happening now??  All of those snow babies are making their grand

Community events at Centennial

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines community as “a group of people who live in the same area.”  You could also say that a community is a group of neighbors. When I was a kid growing up in Elberton, we had neighbors that were more like family. Our backyards

Let’s not forget the time change on November 2

Let’s not forget the time change on November 2. It won’t affect us. We get up when we want to unless we have an appointment that’s early. John and Gail Wade spent a few days in the mountains. The Buckhead Baptist Church will have a men’s breakfast