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Goodbye Nunnsense

They say that all good things must come to the end. Evidently, some of the bad stuff crashes and burns from time to time as well, seeing as this will be the final Nunnsense column. This 96th Nunnsense marks the end of an unbroken streak of almost

Call in the big guns

Here’s something interesting: there is a little patch of land between Egypt and the Sudan – get out your globe – called Bir Tawil. Bir Tawil is a mountainous region about 800 square miles in area that is not currently under the claim of any recognized country

Put your hand up!

Fair and equal treatment under the law is a topic that has manifested itself in several ways over the last few weeks. I’m not going to enumerate them, frankly, because I don’t know I could broach some of the topics and be able to keep my big

A fire too far

Earlier in the week, I thought to go ask Patrick if I could have a two-word-long Nunnsense article this week: Ann Coulter. After all, doesn’t it seem like that would be a fitting tribute to the woman who, last week, claimed that Americans’ growing interest in soccer

Pic-a-nic baskets

I remember a commercial that ran frequently not too long ago, and the premise of the commercial was basically this: don’t believe everything you see on the internet. My first response to this ad (the purpose of which I cannot remember) was “Duh!” I mean, who really

Dispatches from Oregon

If you’ve noticed the peculiar absence of my name in the bylines this week, it’s because – once again – I’m on vacation in Oregon, celebrating a few peaceful days of freedom before I head back home and get to the grind. It has been interesting to

Tasty treats

Back when I was in the early stages of the public school system – you know, when life was super easy and great and you had no idea that there would be a point in your time on this earth that 30-minute naps weren’t mandated each and

Voice of God

There is a pressing matter at hand this week in Nunnsense news: how you deal with someone who has been hearing the voice of God. Well, I wasn’t the one hearing the voice of God. This is a secondhand message that I’m relaying from the original human

Do it yourself

I’d like to imagine that I’m a do-it-yourself kind of guy. I change the oil in my car, do small-to-moderate projects around the house, and have even built a couple of guitar amplifiers for myself. (And then repaired them when they broke down…) I’d imagine that a

Meth-ing around

It’s terrible when an honest mistake makes you the laughing stock of your friends, family, coworkers, or – even worse – your enemies. In this day of technological communication, which allows data and information to fly across the globe at nearly the speed of light, countless millions