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Love plane express…

Nick Nunn, columnist All right children, avert your eyes this week. We’re going to be taking about a serious, adult matter this week: gaining entry into the mile high-club. Don’t know what that is? Good. You can keep reading, then. First of all, let’s talk – in

Bet you can’t …

Bets are a stupid thing. Well, maybe I should take that back. Better yet, bets are just as stupid as the people making them. (Kind of like: guns don’t kill people, people do. Except bets aren’t inherently dangerous) Stupid bets run the gamut from something as relatively

Nunnsense: Stake, then Shake

By Nick Nunn, Columnist In modern-day history, few objects have stood at the center of comedic ridicule as prominently as the vending machine. I mean, how many times in a comedy show or film have we watched our poor protagonist fall prey to the devilish contraption? People

Nunnsense: Fighting Against Time

By Nick Nunn, Columnist This week, I found a headline that could have led to the greatest Nunnsense ever: “Badger saves woman from raccoon she thought was her cat.” Isn’t this a great mental image: a badger flying in through the window just in time to fight

Nunnsense: Felonious Fishes

I got into Star Wars relatively early on in my childhood development, and I liked that Han Solo – played by Harrison Ford, in case you don’t know – had been a smuggler before he fought alongside the Rebel Alliance against the Empire. Smuggling, or at least

Nunnsense: Party Time

By Nick Nunn, columnist Sometimes, I wish that I had been a little more outwardly obnoxious when I was still a child. I don’t think that I ever once TP’d or egged anyone’s house, and I certainly never left any burning poop on a doorstep. (I tried

Nunnsense: Go Fetch

By Nick Nunn, Columnist Riddle! Who do the police allow to sniff a little cocaine every now and then? Detection dogs. Yeah, that might have been an easy one, but it’s still true as far as I know. How else would you expect a sniffer dog to

Nunnsense: Error in connection

By Nick Nunn, Columnist A sage that goes by the name of Early Cuyler once said, “Nope, I don’t need no internet. No sir, not in my life.” Early’s words of wisdom must have echoed quite a bit to make it all the way up into Tanana,

Nunnsence: Brethren

By Nick Nunn I pity anyone who was never fortunate enough to have a brother. I mean, it might be just as good (or better) to have a sister, but I wouldn’t know anything about that. But a brother of about the same age can be an

Holiday feast for two

By Nick Nunn Nature is a relatively emotionless place. As much as Disney movies would like us to believe that foxes and hounds can really be friends, it just isn’t so. In fact, human nature is really so far away from the natural order that the rest