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Best of the Best: The Forgotten Room

There are rooms in our homes we consciously forget about and ones that slide under the carpet unnoticed. A recent renovation brought hallways to the forefront. Taking you from living room to bedroom, garage to kitchen, foyer to powder room, hallways are used more than any other

Best of the Best: A Novel Idea

By Cathy Best, Columnist What’s happened to the service industry? Somehow we’ve managed to accept self-service as common practice. It snuck up on us disguised as a novelty. Isn’t it novel to stand in the rain and pump our expensive gas, and novel to be stranded in

Best of the Best: Spearing Sturgeon on the Ice

By Cathy Best, Columnist It’s all over but the bragging. The 2014 sturgeon-spearing season, on Lake Winnebago, was set to run from February 8 – 24; it came to an abrupt halt on February 13. Anglers, spearers in this case, depleted the lake of its 2014 DNR

Best of the Best: Say I Won’t

By Cathy Best, Columnist It’s lunchtime in Athens when I navigate my Ford Edge into the Varsity parking lot on the corner of Broad and Milledge. My visit to the ten-year-old institution ends a ten-year Varsity chili dog drought, give or take a few years. On this

Best of the Best: Tie One On

By Cathy Best Nora Ephron felt bad about her neck. She said as much in her book “I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman.” I get it. You don’t have to be surrounded by all the beautiful people, as Ephron was,

Best of the Best: GERL Loves horses

By Cathy Best, Columnist Cowboy, a chestnut colored horse with a sweet disposition, was 15-hands high. I rode him once a week during the three years my father was stationed in El Toro, California at the Marine Corps Air Station. We arrived in California the latter part

Keep Christmas Simple

By Cathy Best, Columnist There’s a seismic shift going on in me pertaining to decorating for Christmas. Keep it simple, very simple. In years past I cut enough greenery to decorate my house and Martha Stewart’s, made our door wreath, decorated the tree, we cut as a

Best of the Best: These boots used to be made for walking

By Cathy Best, Columnist Texas covers 268,820 square miles; it’s a big state… big state. My father and younger sister do their dead level best to cover some part of it every time he visits her in San Antonio. Snapping pictures and giggling, they traipse the back

Best of the Best: Gingerbread and Lemon Sauce

By Cathy Best, Columnist Thanks to my grandmothers, cool days and bright leaves put me in comfort food mode. There’s something about being in a warm kitchen on a cool evening that makes me happy. It’s no secret I love to cook. Whether it’s comfort food or

Best of the Best: Take a vacation and improve your health

By Cathy Best, Columnist When we first moved to Madison Wednesday afternoons were my favorite time of the week. All business, conducted downtown, would cease at noon. If a business was open on Saturday morning it closed on Wednesday afternoon. The bank, post office, pharmacy, fabric store,