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Panic in zoo land

Alvin Richardson columist You just don’t ever know what surprises each day will bring if you hang out with me. Not too long ago daddy called and asked me a strange question. He wanted to know if I would like to go look at some water buffaloes.

Muh Ebola outbreak!

Greg Morin columnist When those who steadfastly believe in the ideal of a free society (i.e. no state) try to convince their brainwashed brethren to imagine a world free of institutionalized violence they are invariably assailed not with counter-arguments but rather with emotionalism or questions. “But without

Best of the best: Honoring our Veterans

I left you in Americus for two weeks while I crisscrossed the country between Georgia, Wisconsin and Texas. Is it ironic that I bring you home this Veteran’s week through the Andersonville National Historic Site? I think not. Backing up a bit, we’ve buttered biscuits, dined at

A lot of deer killed this season

Everyone’s fireplaces have been  getting christened for this new season lately with all these cool mornings we have been having.  The weather people are saying we are going to get an Arctic blast the end of this week and next Sunday will be rainy and cold.  I

Great church members…

I was recently asked what makes a good church member. I must admit that as a pastor I find myself being asked a wide range of question, so much so that there is no “strange question” to me anymore. But this was the first time that I can

The light shines in the darkness

Sunday morning the attendance was good for worship service; glad to have members back that have been out for a while. We welcome the visitors that come as God leads to be with us. We pray they are blessed and will have a better week because of

Grandparents raising grandchildren Thanksgiving meal Nov. 17

Six of our monthly WII bowling winners during the past year competed in our bowling tournament on Wednesday, November 3.  Congratulations to Clarice Woods who pin pointed the pins best and came away with the trophy.  This week we are getting ready for our Thanksgiving meal scheduled

139th church anniversary

Greetings from The Springs! Sunday, November 9, 2014 marked the 139th anniversary of Union Springs Baptist Church. Evangelist Eula Banks presented the church history and what a rich history it is. Union Springs Baptist Church was built in approximately 1875 and the first pastor was Rev. B.

Riding in Cars With Boys

Alvin Richardson columnist Sorry but this isn’t a review of the 2001 movie that starred Drew Barrymore. Drew may have some intimate and insightful knowledge about the hazards of riding around with fools of the male gender who have recently received their driver’s license, I can’t really

Halloween Economics

Greg Morin columnist Every Halloween children engage in the single largest simultaneous generation of mutual profit and yet not a single dollar changes hands. As the lights go out on the front porches the opening trade bell chimes for the time honored post-Trick-or-Treat ritual known as “the