By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

The unofficial results are in for the July 22 run-off election, with Dave Belton, of Morgan County, beating out Aaron Brooks, of Newton County, becoming the official Republican candidate for the District 112 State Representative race, with 50.95 percent of the vote. Brooks received 49.05, less than a 1 percent difference. Belton will run against Patsy Harris, the Democratic candidate from Morgan County for the District 112 seat in the November 4 general election later this year. “We are very excited,” said Belton.

“I am so thankful, especially for all the amazing people who did so much work for me. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves to bring quality jobs and local control in Morgan and Newton counties,” said Belton. “I also want to congratulate Aaron Brooks who ran a very good campaign,” said Belton. A total of 2,348 ballots were cast in Morgan County, a 19.24 percent turnout, with 69.23 percent of the vote to Belton and 30.77 percent of the vote to Brooks. A total of 3,569 votes were cast in Newton County, Belton receiving 40.24 percent of the vote and Brooks receiving 59.76 percent of the vote. Belton and Brooks ran neck and neck since the May 20 Election, in which Belton earned 37.8 percent of the vote while Brooks earned 34.2 percent of the vote. Voter turnout in Morgan County was nearly double what was expected. Morgan County Elections Supervisor Bobby Howington originally estimated a 10 percent voter turnout rate, based on the trends of past run-off elections.